"Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai" luxury-packed Grand Deluxe Colonial Suite


Luxury resort hotel in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand "Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai"And it's rooms、
Private pool in your room with a gorgeousResidence 5 HotelsAnd
Includes a private swimming pool for divingPrivate villa room 64And
Spacious separate living and bedroom with luxurious54 Colonial Suites in、
All rooms have123RoomProvides。
This time、We will take care rooms、Located in the main lobby rear、
Green around the garden filled with、In one room of the building image of igilliscolonial style, was built in、
What!220M2 (including balcony)Are there "Grand Delux Colonial Suite" Is!


Entrance hall of the entire Colonial Suite。
From the stairs at the back door、Leads to the swimming pool。
Enjoy plenty of world of beauty、With a high ceiling, and filled with a sense of openness、
Decorated with luxurious marble floor is very elegant!


Corridor leading to each room


C01 Grand Delux Colonial Suite

Feeling heavy wooden door to door classic。
Locking is useful、Key has the atmosphere there is no card!


Entrance of Grand Delux Colonial Suite

The spacious entrance、
6It also has、Decorated with paintings of hydrangeas makes you feel four seasons、Under the、Chinese fonts。
In a simple but neatly appointed in symmetry。


Meeting & living room

Decorated in soothing tones、A number of good quality furnishings。
Separate room boasts comfortable size、Filled with a luxury atmosphere.


Welcome letter & fruit
But now, fresh lychees


Turndown service


Turndown service
Closes at 5 pm


Living room

Instead of decorating the ornate、A sense of unity of good、Spacious and welcoming living room。
And beams.、Is spacious with a high ceiling feels well enough.


Balcony terrace

In front of the eyes、And face the vast swimming pool surrounded by green、
Swimsuit clothes in your room、Stepping into the pool as a private sense of packed rooms.


Colonial pool

Shallow pool so little kids can enjoy and、And、So enjoy the adult children and 140 cm、
Colonial pool at a depth of three further boasts a depth of 160 cm for tall people can enjoy、
In addition、Some are Jacuzzi pool。
Because it is just around the corner of the room balcony terrace、
Dressed in a room intact "160cm"And also written to without worrying about、The spacious pool stairs to splash!
Although proceeded smoothly and powerfully in the breaststroke、Pool side reach、And try with the leg on the way...!
Absolutely no legs! (Seriously half drowned and then now:Lol)
My height is162cm
160in the cm deep pool、Tiptoe barely even、Face is half submerged at a depth of about it innumerable、
Soon181cmThe husband had rescued Princess the baby up is (laughs)
Japanese women、160cmSwimming pool with 10 minutes you should。
But、Drowning and half because I was also very good、I think that is a very good swimmer, pool。
Cute kids、There were so much fun to swim!
The building looks behind the pool、Main lobby and restaurant Japan "Lotus"There will be。


160cm deep pool


Reclining bed


Jacuzzi pool



In the sense of size and King size bed、
Ashirai the Thai silk such as cushion covers、While hand-carved teak head restraints and Asian staff mixes them、
European luxury hotel room and watch as sunbeams atmosphere fills the air。
Total floor area:220㎡The area is、I will cultivate the mind comfort and ease.


World support multi plug
Japan plugs OK! (* Also some 110 V)


Free Wi-Fi
Enter a password


E Katori
Mosquitoes are less than I thought.



Is equipped with the easy-to-fit a wide hallway closet、
Including bathrobe and slippers are provided.


Powder & bathroom

A luxurious powder room next door、
Shower room and separate bathroom are provided。
The restroom is in the bathroom next to、Rooms are equipped with two toilets!


All amenities


Bath salts & bath gel


Shampoo & treatment


Kitchen & dining room

Kitchen & dining room bright yellow tiles with atmosphere。
Is the kitchen space with INDUCTION hob with small double sinks.、Other amenities include refrigerator。
Mineral water and soft drinks、Are provided such as alcohol。
In the cupboard、Wine and beer。


Twinings TwiningsThe tea with several
There are coffee maker、
Fresh ground beans and bottled water you can enjoy freshly brewed coffee!


After enjoying a small movement in the pool、Soak in the bathtub for bath salts for relaxation。
Waiting for dimming when、At a quiet birthday、While takes a rest in the room。
Next in line、Is the introduction of the fantastic hotel landscape after the evening!

Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai
51/4 Moo 1, Chiang Mai-Sankampaeng Road, T. Tasala, A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50000 Thailand⇒ Google Map
TEL:+66 (53) 888 888 | Facsimile +66 (53) 888 999

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