Maserati dealers in large facilities where Siam Paragon shop 300 號舖 now available!


BTSOfSIAM Siam stationOf the front、Prime location in Siam2005On December 9th.In the newly opened6StoreyThe huge shopping center "Siam Paragon, Siam Paragon"。In the extensive groundsRestaurant、Apparel Shop、Car dealers、Food Court、Cinema、Aquarium、Fitness CenterUp to every tenant is approximately300StoresAnd there are a、Central world、Siam Center、Siam DiscoveryAnd lots of shopping center and the staff、On the other side and tuck road、Thailand young popularSiam SquareAlso there。Exactly what、Spent the whole day in just this area too has become a landmark of Siam never get tired!


M floorThe、Siam stationAnd from the entrance、Hair & beauty、Bag、Shoes、Jewelry、Precious metals、WatchSuch amenities include。To forget that the facilities inGreen and waterThe Director is bold, and impact、Changing seasons to fit variousMonumentAnd exhibit、Thanks for entertaining visitors.


1-FloorThe、UNIQLOAnd'GAP'Such amenities include casual fashion。Each floor have escalators in the Atrium "Central Embassy"And also、Views from all floors above and below is a masterpiece!


McLaren McLaren

2-FloorBut I was surprised、Men's clothing and shoes、For sporting goods and men floor although that、In the same floorMcLaren、Maserati、Rolls Royce、BMWSuch as the falls offers luxury car dealer! Car dealers on the premises! Not only exhibition event like、Is there an official dealer of permanent。I was surprised by this! I came to buy clothes one could buy that?! (Lol)



Thailand was looking forward to theMASERATI MaseratiDealer。New Ghibli GhibliTwo exhibits。Unlike bigger dealerships in Japan、LatestMaserati CIIn the based onBlue-collar workerKeynote doesn't it?。In Thailand、CarTariffVery high、MaseratiThe price of the vehicle is compared to Japan、Approximately3~ 4 timesThe price is。And you see the price table of the standardGhibliBut3,00010,000 yen.Much of the price will be! (Surprise) in Thailand imported cars new car ride、It is limited to just a handful.


3-FloorThe、Mobile、Furniture、Household goods、Goods for childrenAs we handle.


4-FloorThe、POWER MALL power MallBig occupies the area called、TV and digital camera、Refrigerator、The latest electronicsAre arranged.YAMAHAIs is popular in Thailand!


As well as4-FloorThe、Restaurants zone are、Famous Pork cutletSee OpuntiaAnd the pork bone ramen' Chabu屋 pork hang from noodles! "Such as the Japan food is equipped with。During the、A ceiling height of the rooms use the build in eye-catching fairytale CaféDream Forest dream forestAlso it was crowded!


G floorThe、At the upscale supermarket's assortment ofGourmet marketAndDeli、Suites、Food CourtIncluding dining staff primarilySee what one!-Tei "Has opened a popular Ramen in Japan!


As Japan restaurantAuthentic sushiHere is some shops claiming to say (laughs)、Prices are a little higher than Thailand celebrities hit the jackpot and、Attracting a reputation as commutes Japanese restaurant、It is between the chain and、Few stores open now, has been extended。In foreign countries、Adam Green hardly understand and ease of use than the nuances of the language may be.


Out of the Siam Paragon, exploring the city。How to afford the time、Siam Paragon's basementB floorTo the oneSiam Ocean WorldWould be nice to have。400TypeWill be over sea creatures to see Southeast Asia's largest aquarium!


Siam SquareIn the Thailand people faction gourmet food StreetFood Plus food plus。To satisfy the hungry、Enjoy dining at good priceLocal gourmetIs!


Crammed in a small site with some store's order、The menu is also fully stocked food Street、Young people and students、OL ' local is a popular gathering。This street is、In any booksSafety in health termsHas been written and、And actually try out、With the smell of sewage was sunk。Our couples、This time in ThailandFood stallsThe、I went with the intention to challenge.、After all、Uneasiness of mind, coursing.、You will be unable。Since these values is、Let's try that?Self responsibilityIn the thank you!


Now、SIAM Siam stationTo return、Phrom Phong prohmpon stationFromSukhumvit RoadOf the areaJapanese townTo go、Gift bara撒kiLet's find out!

Siam Paragon, Siam Paragon

991/1 1st Floor Rama I Road Bangkok 10330


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