Fuji Super prohmpon station near Japantown trying to get Dole souvenirs!


BTSOfPhrom Phong Pro - ampon stationDirect connection with、Last year after the renovation、Luxury department store's new look was reborn "Emporium Emporium"。Chanel、Cartier、Hermes、Louis VuittonSuch as world's leading luxury brand shops、Said to be the epitome of luxury shopping malls in Bangkok, Thailand。From live many Japanese expatriates and their families、Locally known as a purveyor of Japanese department stores。Because Thai brand shop、Is also useful to buy a souvenir。Information counterTheJapanese staffBecause it resides、Can enjoy shopping without trouble in the language with confidence!


You are looking forJapanese townTo cross the footbridge to head。The nearest exit、5 ExitIt is。BTSGet off、5 ExitAim!


Down the pedestrian bridge and a short walk、Japanese townASoi33/1 (SOIAnd the、In Thailand that the name of the street has been used)You will see!


Prohmpon stationThe area、Japanese representativeFor more live area、EspeciallyJapanese townThat is calledSoi33/1NowSupermarkets started.、Eating and drinking places、Baker、Drugstore、BookstoreAnd many scattered、Japanese food and goods are readily available.


So many living abroad, as well as the Japanese city、United Kingdom-style Pub"THE ROYAL OAK BangkokSuch children and、From a relatively early time you guys are enjoying a beer。Japanese restaurant next door'Bond'What is sushi?、Tempura、Rice Bowl、Japan cuisine, such as udon, seems popular.


"Smooth noodle"Easy-to-understand naming said ramen Ms' Scheune-Tei "Are rather old fashioned Western shop!


You are looking forFuji SuperOf the previous CafeCeresia Coffee RoastersI found。In the Japanese city、Will be relatively new Café。African and South American beansAnd aligned in the Center、Procuring coffee beans are roasted in the shop,。It is recommended、1Cup Cup freshly?Drip coffeeIt is。Tired of walking、Would be nice to take a break at the coffee.


Japanese people living in BangkokThe most famous Japanese supermarket as an essential food for Japan"UFM Fuji Super fujisuper"The first store will be。Thailand food sold、Japan food materials sold for mostly.


In the Super、Japanese wife with children and、Many Japanese men in apparent Japan English conversation there can hear here!


Shop、A Japan Japanese merchandise in Japan super for、Some relief.。Sashimi is fresh food corner、Lunch and Deli、Natto、Frozen foods、Snack foods、Mayonnaise、Of curries and stews、Japanese sake、Products in Japan, such as magazines are plentiful。Japan are reversed in Japan or buy more higher would。Still、Don't forget Japan's culinary culture in Thailand、Can eating eternal chases everyday will welcome。Our aim is to、Thailand's souvenir cornerIt is。Thailand limitedOf the product,Japan not released、You can hand them out freelyDole souvenirsAs、AffordableFood and sweets、Daily essentialsWould be to buy the perfect place。Upon his return to Japan from Thailand、It seems many people here buy souvenirs。Now、After you get a souvenir、Glittering neon lightsBangkok, ThailandOfRed light districtTo go!

UFM Fuji Super fujisuper

593/29-39 SOI Sukhumvit 33/1 Sukhumvit Rd., Klongton Wattana Bangkok 10110


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