Bangkok Skytrain on urban tourism travel time to be smart!


BangkokIn exploring the heart of the、When using the bus or taxi、Public roadsTraffic congestionTo be expected、
Utilizing time、Let's check of means of transportation in order to travel smarter。
Jam knowing and speaking、The Bangkok elevated railwayBTS (Skytrain)And、
NorthBang Sue station.From the SouthHarapan stationTo and around20kmOf total station's distance30MinutesIn the runningSubway (MRT)It is recommended。
2Day Bangkok city tour、BTS (Skytrain)I want to use full!


In it、Saphan TaksinStationUntil can goSathorn PierUntil the
Peninsula BangkokMr.Free shuttle boatThe boarded the o!


Peninsula BangkokMr. fromSaphan TaksinStationUntil the、Approximately5MinutesBy the boarding time、Oh that is between!


黒megane staff welcomed with salutes and a smile。
This woman is、Peninsula BangkokIs it the guests arrive at the pier、
If you return to the hotel、Hotel shuttle boat us calls wirelessly.


To cut to the left, go straight on passing passageSaphan Taksin stationThere!


Under the station、Flea market tiny shops and stalls out、
Clothing and soft drinks、Also sells snacks。In the back、To listenTuk-tukFor I have seen!


Here isSaphan TaksinStationThe entrance is。
BTSThe、Sukhumvit lineAndSilom lineThe worldviews and、Siam stationIn the two lines and also mutual transfer。
Silom lineThat you can get from here.


Saphan Taksin station turnstiles


At the ticket vending machineRide IC cardIf you want to buy、Located next to the vending machineRoute mapIn looking for a station you want to go.Zone numberLooking。
That appears and press the button of the zone number rates、On banknotes or coins。
The ticket vending machine、There are coins only available、If you need to Exchange、You would have to change at the counter next to the gate.


This time the、At the counterBTS 1 DAY passToB130 (Japan yen and approximately 470 yen)In buy、
1Day rides in and you want to use think。
1Rates sectionB15 (Japan yen and then around 55 yen)And they are the、A station is the first station of the seven intervals for、
7-One-way at rates of 8B35 (Japan yen and then around 130 yen)And will be。
From there、There if you want to be wandering in the streets of this、1DAY passOfB130 (Japan yen and approximately 470 yen)The、
Effort many times buy tickets、From each purchase bargain and charge more than it is.


Here is1DAY passOf tickets。Unlike Japan、Instead of paper、Recycled-plastic card。
The ticket expires、Located in station yardCollection boxOn the return.


1DAY passLet's go put a gate is open from。Pass through the gate and、The rest of thisDrinking or eating.Will be of note.


Cannot read Thailand language、Rome-let destination routes have、Proceed according to display inside the station.


Views from home。
BTSThe、An elevated train because you can enjoy views of the city.


BTSFor the first time、Morning at 5. in、Operation time5At ~ 24 hoursUntil the next、Open every dayIn offers。
Basically no timetable、All stops at every station。
The number of many、During the day6Minute intervalsBy trains、Also during rush hour3Minute intervalsIn are so useful!


On a beautiful vehicle in、No tingling and exotic as a moderate time passes。
And beams.Bangkok, ThailandThe relatively good think。
Of course、Pickpockets and thieves haunt MilanSuch as thePetty crimeThe favorite, with more than enough。
Everything is important!


Route mapIn which transfer stationSiam stationMake sure。
Saphan TaksinStationThan、5A transfer is short-sighted.


Siam stationAt once it、Change homeSilom lineFromSukhumvit lineThe next station is.


Sukhumvit lineOfBaling stationTowards theBTSTo take the。
Almost no waiting time、Is so crispy and proceed without knowing the stress!


Phloen chit stationTo have arrived!


Phloen chit station turnstiles


Here is、StylishRestaurantAndCafeAnd Vietnam、
Bangkok lined with high rise buildingsBusiness districtIn is a high degree of foreign city!


The station in this landed on purpose、Hamamatsu shinkin BankMr.Its first overseas baseBecome aBangkok Representative OfficeThis is because。
In front of the eyes2014On January 21.To target the wealthy in Bangkok had just opened and tourists
The latest shopping mall "CENTRAL EMBASSY Central Embassy"Well don't worry、
Trying to introduce it after the、Because it likely won't get appointment time、I want to hurry to the end!


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