"The Asiatic Riverfront ' hot topic in Bangkok at night that enliven the night market


In Bangkok the spots where? And to hear、
Everyone eat "The Asiatic Asiatique The Riverfront Riverfront"。
19CenturyThe area prospered as a center of trade with Europe and wood processing
2012April 27.In one large shopping malls and night markets in、
As a date spot for local people、Also known as a tourist area.


The size of the Asiatic、Tokyo Dome 2.5 timesOf the medium in、
1500號舖 overThe Cimarosa、40號舖 overIn a restaurant、
Food and drink in a variety of genres started.、Guests can enjoy shopping, entertainment。
If it says in Japan、Outlets like atmosphere。
It is right in front of the dock "Baan Khanitha Baan Kanta"Mr. a、Are popular with Bangkok's leading luxury restaurant。
The renovated House of approximately 100 years ago、Good atmosphere with antique。
In the restaurant facing the Chao Phraya RiverWarehouse WAREHOUSE 7The front 'Caudan Kodang Talay, Talay"Mr. a、
Selling Thailand cuisine-based restaurant with fresh seafood dishes、Food wine fit's so popular!


10BuildingThe streets with red roots warehouse、4One districtThe divided、
We were facing the Chao Phraya RiverWater front areaThe、Attracts upscale restaurants can spend the night。
It has in the backWarehouse WAREHOUSE 8 and 9TheFactory district in、Includes many unique shops equipped with fashionable items!


Say and night market、But there may be security concerns、
Security is very good、Guests can enjoy shopping at ease。
Riverside may、Cape Town, South AfricaOfWaterfrontAnd the atmosphere is a bit like、
There is21: after the nightThe outing and was from、At that point、Glad that environment can play until late in the night.


In the extensive grounds lined with warehouses of the same hue for、Will likely be lost、
To determine the location of your、Don't miss the signs throughout the warehouse number and street number notation.


Also number of points Japan has opened。
Here is、Was advance Bangkok pub in Nagoya "Flower cha花-Chan changling"Mr.。
At the teppan-Yaki and yakitori shop、Japan food in Thailand who said very popular it is!


The jetty、Because at the back door of the Asiatic、To the front entrance round boobs and walking around the premises。
Here is、Mainly the area nearClock towerOf theTown square district2000㎡What in the premises、During construction are still。
Located across from the clock tower, this huge crane、
Teak wood carrying the complete crane obsolete and、It's available now!




Town square districtAdvance、Chalenklung districtTo as the rush。
In the area of、Traditional puppet theatre "Joe Louis Theatre"And、
Can be expected is Transsexual of thrilling stage "Calypso cabaret"And then there、There are fascinating entertainment.


Beef Bowl chain "I like home"Also there。As a local menu
"Caronanua latopattgapaoguy ( gapao Bowl )"In trying to sell。
Come to ThailandI like homeThat might not be、Gapao BowlVery attractive and delicious (laughs)


Here is、Chalenklung StreetThe will be the front side facing。
In this vicinity、Air-raid shelters during the second world war, and free tours。
In addition to reuse warehouse in less than 100 years ago and the structure、Attractions in various combinations of old and new.


By tired of walking so far、Such as family use many local people
Chain stores in the Tohoku region Isan cuisine "Yum Saap Yam SERP"And I to decided to enter the shop。
Yamuserp ( are others who read James ARP )The、Be deployed in Bangkok's shopping malls, etc.、
1Dish approximatelyB60-B100 ( Japan yen and approximately 200 yen to 360 Yen )And Thailand who are popular in the price range of ordinary people。
The shop name"Yam"Is used in the Tai salad"Toss"And mean、"SAP"The Tohoku dialect"Delicious"The mean。
Above all、The most popular Thailand people instant brandMamaWe used the noodles
"Yamma may (Thailand language:ยํามาม่า)"It is so。
It is an interesting sense of restaurants that provide instant ♪


Shop、Most local people.、Tourists are apparent here and there。
Why is、The menu of this shop、Good news is thatThai、English、Japanese、ChineseAnd friendly representation have been made from。
One of our staff we are、But only Thailand seems to speak and read、It is possible to order by pointing at the menu!


"Pak-bung empty core stir-fried vegetables (Thailand language:ผัดผักบุ้งไฟแดง). B73 (Japan yen approximately 260 yen)

I love 'Air Wick stir"Order。
Cheap、Too low。And、Spicy、It is very hot。
Delicious is the complete triumph of hotness ago。
In the room、Departing Japan food spicy level (lol)
In the seat next to、Because the children of junior high school students about dining scene、Would be no problem in this。
On the menu、Is there a sweet drink、Finally the meaning we have identified。
Thailand people、The combination of sweet and spicy drink is often。
Our favorite is so hot、Tongue and throat hurt too much hotness、
I tried to order a beer、No alcohol on the menu! (Mystery)
The staff I stopped and ask、It is said that alcohol is not placed here (surprising)
In Thai"My pet (cart)' = 'spicy not'I was good if you remember (cry)


"Pork and chicken Basil fried rice chicken soup
(Thailand language:I'm siding/Ai-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-e-ta-ta-e-ta-e-ta-ta-e-ta-ta-ta-e-ta- + น้ำแกงไก่ตุ๋นฟัก) ' B85 (Japan yen and approximately 310 yen)

Eat may be a Thai restaurant of Japan "Chicken basil fried rice"Order。
You can choose between pork and chicken, so you can choose chicken (Thai:ChickenI'd like to。
Compared to this red pepper even joke in the mouth once IKE masen... mouth fire exits (lol)、
Eat in JapanSwish pie gapaoThe pain would be easier to eat what I think。
In the bland taste of chicken soup was served with、Saved me the tongue tingling feelings though is the。
Thailand people、To the taste of your favorite soup、It is deliberately weak side.。
As a result、Sweet and spicy, acid, and saltThe is often accompanied by a condiment。
By the way、In the restaurant、Did not come with seasoning。
Taste delicious、I think if we can regulate even the spiciness surely even delicious to eat!


"Mineral water (Thai:น้ําแร่มองต์เฟลอ) "B18 (Japan yen approximately 65 yen)

Bottled water is a necessity。
Here you will、Do not silently as Japan restaurant, water is carried。
Let's order a mineral water dish。
Just、Did not come out here, unfortunately the cold mineral water。
Because mineral water at room temperature、That looks good on the body、After the spicy food you want kind and something cold to drink.


Yam SERPFor we were intimidating with so much hotness、Early and later restaurant、
A stroll near the start and、Street zoneThe discovered!
The motivate courage was eating at food stalls、There are interesting (laughs)
Someday I want to try to challenge ♪


"SINGHA Singha" B38 (Japan Yen about 140 yen)、"Chang Chang" B35 (Japan Yen about 130 yen)

Because the restaurant had no alcohol、Near the entrance7-ElevenOn the go、
Two major beer markets of、SinghaAndChangPurchase。
Is characterized by、Tap lightly to fit both spicy food、Water to drink。
After you buy、Return to site、Seat is looking for a place to walk and、Notice that no beer bottle opener (lol)
How do I open a loss、I was trying to forcibly 叩ki付kete block 2, open the、
Older brother of nothing to do miscellaneous goods shop has me opened in bottle opener me over the voice!
Thais is the person very friendly often ♪


21Even if at times、Asiatic is very busy!


Instruments of ThailandKim ( Thailand language:ขิม )His group to play there、A soft sound steeped in Haryana、
Some people around the、Freak、Seemed to settle down, stuck listening to the sound.


Marvel at the many of the indoor area stores 號舖、Outside road shop unique little shops and stalls more often。
It was a littleBAR barWell found!


Town square district warehouse WAREHOUSE 6The、In the area of international cuisine restaurants、
Not just Thailand cooking、Viet Nam cooking steaks、Ramen stalls to enjoy!


Thailand's small and goods sold so、Would be nice to buy souvenir stuff。
Here you will、Mangosteen fruit is said to have a skin type sooner or later purchased a lovely aromatic SOAP。
"Makete buy a lot from it."And with smiling!


Asiatic sky observation wheel

Appeared as the Asiatic attraction 'Asiatic sky"That's the nameFerris wheelIt is。
Rates are、B250 ( Japan Yen Yen about 900 yen )In 15 minutes you can get。
The view from the Ferris wheel here、At night with city high rise hotels overlooking、
Before the sun sets、You can look at the roof of the warehouse of the Asiatic。
Surprised in the、The speed of the speed round! Relatively slowly turns the Ferris wheel of Japan.、
Thailand Ferris wheel rate of progress is too fast!
Think of it、Remember the airport or in a department store escalator very quickly、
Is something which I learned a bit of culture shock (laughs)


19In the late century、Siam (former name of the Kingdom of Thailand)The、After the conclusion of the friendship treaty with Denmark、
The last Asiatic、At that timeHans Neil andensenThe President and
East Asiatic CompanySite and the first overseas for teak wood。
It's a friendship treaty after、At the beginning of the trade as an independent State in the Kingdom of Siam was also。
The Asiatic、Respect to such historical background、East Asiatic CompanyThe building, repair and restoration、
It is an object of the present invention to revive those days of gloryASIATIQUE THE REVEFRONT planFor it was developed based on。
The ♪ We introduce the history here of panel


Quick walk through.、We can enjoy a stroll in the Asiatic、Think back to the hotel。
Like to go to、With a free shuttle boatSaphan Taksin stationOfSathon PierTo go、
From there it is、The hotel has its ownFree shuttle boatIn return, you can change!


Night River cruise、Is the wind too cosy with best views.


Peninsula BangkokMr. to return、From the break room at once、I wander around outside the hotel.

Yum Saap Yam SERP

ASIATIQUE THE RIVERFRONT Charoen Krung Road Bangkok Thailand

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