Horse-riding, and horses at the Equestrian Club of galma Orchid equestrian Union Music Department Ilan unique communicate!

"Yi LAN power Li Wei Cummins migiwa degree Crowne Plaza Hotel The Westin Yilan Resort The Westin, Ilan and resort "of part of the activities、You can contact with horses and horse-riding "Galma Orchid equestrian Union Club"To!

2012Is established in "GE Ma LAN Equestrian Club Club"、Last year 2017 in June reopened is and、And better investment、To become a favorable external environment for horses and people、"Westin Ilan" also is a short 15-minute by car.、Recommended tours and experiences has been!

This riding experience、40on weekdays at 1500 TWD (* weekends are 2000 TWD) done in min course! (Japan-Yen:Flat, about 5550 Yen、About 7400 yen on weekends)

15,000In the premises of the square、Introduction to stables、Spreads sand Baba and outdoor training areas!
In the stables、Now has 6 horses、TrainerLin Jin Chang(Lin) and I'm getting、As a horse caretaker has developed several staff!

In the stables、May you feel the smell of horses、Here you will、Secure and odor control、For better hygiene than peace of mind!

First of all,、For the horses who live here remember my face、With the introduction of、At the stables ' bait do "to challenge! Horse feeding is usually a "straw"、I'll give my favorite snack food for their "sweet"!

(1) na Han (Hannah) 9-year-old
The right eye is cataract、Their eyes are very gentle and child。Quiet accurate to、You could only touch!

(2) Sensei climbing barrier (Oldenborg) 20-year-old
The Oldenborg named castles of Europe、Snack long necks want to be (laughs)

(3) huani huani (Nini) 3 years
Still no restless little Nini、Raising the cry is、Hard snack pestering the (lol)

(4) 13-year-old BENSON
The view from a good bloodline BENSON、Good hair shine and handsome horse!
He、It is a DUN shook his head up and down while body language do more intelligent!

(5) ASIN 靚 (Ryou) 3 years
Only one head、Ryou outdoor training areas in the、It was a mischievous boy unruly!

(6) rampart rampart (Kuai Kuai) 14-year-old
Is that with Taiwan's famous pastry name Kuai Kuai、"Yoiko、I & p. "the meaning, it was named、Along name the body that represents the、Really loved by someone submissive "I & p." it is! This time、We will be riding to Kuai Kuai!

Through "bait do" and familiarize yourself with the、Next is carrying a Palm "bait face touch from Spears ' to challenge!
A general love of animals.、Touching but his body larger than life moments、Secretly、Heart is what pound (lol) to extend one's hand suddenly and surprised horse、To amaze、Put the sweet potatoes from the bottom of the face slowly grasping、After eating will go softly stroking cheeks! Snort it takes to get the Ko however, younger members, even while、Coat and the height of the temperature feels on the skin、It is a very emotional experience!

After that、We visited the scene setting, put the saddle on the horse、At the end is finally riding experience!(= Be! ')People(Be é ∀ ' =)Yeah!!

跨gari horse in the sand Baba、The dashing and appeared、This exclusive trainer Lin Jin Chang (Lin), I'm in、 Will coach this horse riding experience!

First of all,、Like horseback riding, you can rent equipment (helmet、Protector) worn、Got a whip in his right hand、Kuai Kuai riding partners with Angel face!

Astride a horse using the springboard、Get a lecture on how to put on a hold stance and reins and Stirrups!

After the basic stance、In the belly of the horse feet "tonton" and signal the、At, we start walking!
For the riding had been fairly and、Shaking away distracted by、Just below the saw will tend to、Was told as much as possible erect face up, to look forward and、I look up, look around and、View too much height and width I 零remasu sigh!

Draw a big circle、Slowly and slowly walk to sand、He is used to、To the right and to the left。And from walking and trotting challenge、Mood is the Princess of the riding Association (lol)

In the last、Kuai kuai picked as a partner shouting "thank you" to "Pom" and told Pat thank you very much、Horse riding experience will end!

Trainer Lin Jin Chang (Lin) who、Workman to the end because he hung very gentle voice、You could enjoy riding without shy!

We recommend riding experience in GE Ma LAN Equestrian Club music Division during a visit to Ilan!(-Be ω-Isuzu)^☆

GE Ma LAN Equestrian Club Club
Location:Yi ran, fellow mountain 鄉 7, village-state route 498-go
TEL: +886 3 922 4212、+886 3 922 0118
Hours of operation:8:00~ 12:00、14:00-18:00

The Westin, Ilan, resort
Yi-LAN power Li Wei migiwa degrees Crowne Plaza Hotel (The Westin Resort Yilan)
Location:Yong said road three-268-go, Fellow mountain 鄉, yilan, 台灣
TEL:+886 3 923 2111

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