Cheap recommended! "Terry Tour" (3) Hot Spring Village Surrounded by Mysterious Forests "Tsubaki"

Japan speakChen Wei goodWhat is the last tourist destination of the Terry tour guided by Terry?、 Jade is surrounded by woods of the Mystic hot springs "Yiwu Royal old city(Urai) we lay "to! Nostalgic "Three channel old town SanXia & #8216; s streets of old サンシャー」から車で40分程かけて新北市にある山道を登り、Green arrived at the hot springs in the mountains, surrounded by nature, "Crow"(Urai) Wali"!

Here is、Is also place of residence is known from of old in the beautiful indigenous Atayal tribe、Unique culture of the indigenous peoples and traditional cuisine in the touch!

The Nan-Hsi vigor through the Crow "、Mineral hot springs with sparkle to the Jade color、I hear its beauty has captivated the hearts of tourists。

However,、Here,、From the lack of precipitation at Nanki vigor water、The views from the top of the bridge is unlike the previous staff。

And Crow "town's main street and cross the bridge、Line for a souvenir and food and beverage outlets on both sides of the road。Medicinal liquor、Edible wild plants、川ebi、Tapioca、Millet wine、Millet cakes、Rice steamed in bamboo、Aboriginal music CDs, clothes, etc.、Shop as seen in the city of Taipei City at night is a sort、There is also a hot spring ryokan。

Yiwu "Street at once"Yiwu "y. m. ethnographic museum"。Here you can learn about Taiwan natives are free admission! At the 3-story: Ami, Atayal Museum、History、Traditional culture、Living traditions、Religious beliefs、Celebration events、You can learn the culture and tradition of the Atayal tribe!

Just、Sometimes after lunch、"Yiwu "y. m. ethnographic museum"Restaurants"Yiwu "snack shop"At lunch with you!

The restaurant store、Fresh Greens grown in the mountains is the sequence、Whets the appetite to see a bright green!

Ingredients on store shelves lined with shop staff for their Teppanyaki dynamic cuisine finish。

Let from the guys first of all Pat Tayal traditional "bamboo rice"!

Rice steamed in bamboo 70 TWD (Japan Yen:About 260 yen)
The "bamboo rice" is also one of the traditional dishes of the Atayal tribe、Boiled rice in bamboo steaming glutinous rice robes。And in addition to sticky rice millet and beans、In a very healthy dishes、Also I click and whipped cream!

Zha Jiang River fish (small), 100 TWD (Japan Yen:About 370)
Crispy fried fresh fish caught in the river! And the delicious bread from whole!

"Zha Jiang River shrimp (small)," 100 TWD (Japan Yen:About 370)
Fried fresh shrimp caught in the River as well. The texture crispy with puritsu in the head and the beard! Love the flavor!

See Fukuyama sat chick (stage 1 of 4) ' 200 TWD (Japan Yen:About 740 yen)
Eat the corn on a farm in the mountains, in the loose and has grown、Elasticity of firm flesh overflowing。Us with the garlic soy sauce with cilantro and、Very flavorful, juicier!

Spinach (small), 80 TWD (Japan Yen:About 300 yen)
Has become a hollow stalk in Japan we see a lot of spinach stir-fried with garlic。Burning so crisp and taste exquisite!

"Fried mountain Su (small), 150 TWD (Japan Yen:About 555 yen)
Has become the largest food feeling among the Taiwan wild is our favorite mountain Su! Which I has me round and so help identify edible wild plants other than、MOE above all to avoid taste and habit of at least、Recommended texture is the best! Onions and carrots、Along with the garlic and have fried salty!

"Fried noodles" 40 TWD (Japan Yen:About 150 yen)
Taiwan fried soup if you're。Many shops provide, soft noodles in Taiwan!

HK Chinese Yu (great), 150 TWD (Japan Yen:About 560 yen)
Very good soup is thickened with plenty of fresh bamboo shoots and mushrooms、Hot body! "Edible flowers in Taiwan with the crunchy texture of the popular Orange Daylilies' out! This beautiful Lily like flowers and flower、Protein and iron are often included、Tranquilizing effect than that!

Wei r. Chen (Terry) Mr. Kung trillion statement (Kon) with eating while happily share with 4 people and 8 types of food、My stomach is full! It's great that ", big or small," and size options in the restaurant!

After lunch walking Crow "City"Tai ya 媳妇的美好时代 women name announcement shop"In the、As you will find many sample small rice sake made from millet: Ami, Atayal, "plum wine"、Will be a souvenir to the friend in Japan!

That I have become a souvenir bottle products for weight is、And you know wants this unique souvenir、A kind gentleman Kung trillion sentence (Kon) it is "I have to worry! "And last luggage gift to me! Xie Xie、Kung trillion statement (Kon) is me!

In the middle are enjoying your shopping、The lion cut is shocking! One with her on met! Σ(-□.;Bruno)New!!
Where no、Aomori strangely cute dog "I beam" will like-Kun (lol)

2015Yiwu "suffered a devastating typhoon in September rolled.、2017Renovation work in the year of getting.、Now restart "Crow" Dolly (Dolly Wali) also!

Stairway leading to the railway station "Crow Street, cross the bridge and you will see!

Is a railway station and climbs the stairs! [Operation hours:8:00-17:00、Train fare:50TWD (Japan Yen:Approximately 185 yen)]

Here's Dolly、From the entrance "Yiwu "Dolly waterfall railway station"Up to the Woods to go bumped off the wind like a roller coaster with a distance of approximately 2.5 km、5Minutes of the attractions will delight!

Finally the small tunnel,、Reach the goal "truck explosion fabric site"!

He served as a truck driver for、By Chen Ming chu of the natives、Wei r. Chen (Terry), I said、For they are descended of the natives "and carving deep insight、Nose high has clearly face、Many handsome men、Most beautiful women! "With that、Terry talked about their envious! (Lol)

The free admission "Truck trip - Crow "forest life Museum"By learning about forestry of Crow!

Old、You can know the era along with photographs of the truck was operated by humans, such as!

Sacred waterfall to Crow "'Crow falls. ""The、82 m and become Taiwan's largest waterfall、Also the aboriginal Atayal tribe.

That looks like a flow down the white yarn is known and shiraito falls!

Native birds huge cloth"around" Chief, House "of is on the first floor" Chief, store "has been opened、The floor of villagers enjoy karaoke loud! Carpe diem in Yiwu Royal coffee、You can buy a souvenir!

See also song of Japan please! "And、In Japan, Fu Chen 瀅 owner fluent speaking!、Was a very good day, lovely people (lol)

The "Crow"(Urai) Wali.、Luxury spa resort also has scattered、Instead of the next day、I think you want to slowly soak!

Now、Wei r. Chen (Terry) was a Taiwan taxi Charter to guide the end in this! That was excellent "Yehliu → 10th, Jioufen" clinic、1While being a short time of 6 hours a day、This time Yingge, three Channel → Crow"、Able to be around three, very efficient!

In Japan, there is guide、You can enjoy without feeling the language barrier in a shop or restaurant meals! Permits and the number of days、Think fun train trip, weather permitting、If you travel within a limited time、Also、If you are travelling with small children your age、1For days taxi by handy expense, etc. to enjoy sightseeing without waste、Stretch your legs a little bit from Taipei、Is recommended for those who want short trip!

Wei r. Chen (Terry) Mr. Kung trillion sentence (Kon) I、1Date me with thank you! Very thanks!

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2018/4/16Taiwan travel / taxi charters-Crow "


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