1970 "Gloria Prince Taipei, long-established Japanese brand hotel in safe stay.

In Japan, Prince Hotel and the Hotel Amadeus "Gloria hotel (GLORIA HOTEL group)Hua Tai Hotel collections group」が運営する1970年創業の老舗ホテル「グロリアプリンスホテル台北 Gloria Prince Hotel Taipei huatai Prince Hotel"To!

This hotel、Japanese visitors per year visit rate、About 70-80% and accounted for the vast majority、Aiming for Japan and the same level of hospitality、24As to the time Japan Japanese staff stationed、Services very good reputation、It is possible to discover safe and comfortable!


Place、And even in the Centre of Taipei、Cultural centres all over the multimedia & creative a very popular area in rooms filled with air in the living area of Zhongshan。From MRT Shuang Lian station (Shuanglian Station) on foot about 5-8 minutes、And North forest road in the downtown area.

Smile speak fluent Japan language has a nice front desk staffMr. 琬 Lin(Betty Weng) and the、Was the last part of "Gloria residenceGloria Residence Hua Tai Rui hotel"The will reunion since we met!

The owners inherited the family businessFudy Chen Chen Hisashi FukudaThe、While being a farmer is also a Cook、自らが栽培する有機農園の新鮮なオーガニック野菜をふんだんに使用する「リディオット レストラン L’IDIOT RESTAURANT"Supervision!

By lidio it bakery (L ' IDIOT BAKERY) 驢 child 烘 roasting Bou restaurant next to the、From bread baked every morning in the hotel with special oven and sticking all suites、You can choose various gifts such as series of Chef special XO sauce and pineapple cake here!

2On the floor、Treasures chef Wu Hong Sung (Peter Wu) takes the helm "authentic Cantonese cuisine、Authentic Dim sum "of its founding spirit、Authentic Cantonese Chinese cuisine restaurant "9 Wah House CHIOU HWA Restaurant"And、Skills into three fingers in Taipei and Peking duck are also!

It also has a central mountain area in the heart of Taipei City、Business Center for business travelers、Also, such as meeting room rental space、It is very useful!

Long-term residents are happy "fitness center"、In addition to various athletic equipment、Is equipped with facilities including a steam bath and sauna、Guests can enjoy a relaxing comfortable sweat!

Also、To have a bridal ban cricket events large and small to meet、Many wedding users、Wrapped in a festive mood so I'm buzzing atmosphere.

Front desk and concierge、The sense of security have been a resident at all times Japan Japanese staff、I think only Japanese brand hotels!

Check-in the next room introduces!

Gloria Prince Hotel Taipei (China business)
Gloria Prince Hotel Taipei
Location:Taipei municipal Zhongshan district forest in North Road 369,

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