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Café Crema La Crema, help Ma 咖 caffes shop rich gives the healing time


Located in Taipei's Daan、Warm and friendly atmosphere、丁寧に淹れた美味しい珈琲が楽しめるカフェ「ラ クレマ La Crema, help Ma 咖 caffes shop"To!

Classic cafés of Europe and is reminiscent of classic Cafe to "La Crema (La Crema), national Ma 咖 caffes shop" of store、Decorated in the Interior with dark colors、"Balanced Audio Technology"The served in the echoed from the vacuum-tube amplifier audio BGM、Mind is provided to relax!

1999Since the opening on 12 June、Popular restaurant bustling with patrons seeking attention with its cozy and quiet Cup of coffee!

On this day、Organic farming in a land rich in Tainan、"Energy House Agriculture cooperative" organic vegetables grown Woods t. (Tomo Lin) With can meet after a long time、The seat、Food scholar I met through previous Tomo sommelierElisa SungAt least reunite!

And、Elisa's husband, as well as culinary historianAndy ChouAlso accompanied me.、6月に結婚式を迎え幸せオーラ全開の仲睦まじい御2人! こちらは、2 people recommend Cafe was to be!
Go there、「リージェント台北 Regent Taipei-Jing Hua hotel"The Japanese were transferred to friends is always indebted toKenji TakahashiAnd I also I participated、Everyone in the coffee breaks!

"An ice cappuccino (Ice Cappuccino)" 160 TWD (Japan Yen:About 590 yen)
Suggest the name "Crema" fully enjoy Cup click here!
Mouth melt smooth Crema、Strong espresso、Divided into three layers of fresh milk、First bite、Before the mix means touching the Crema and want you to enjoy the fineness! Tender feelings and being surrounded by this Crema、I would spend some healing moments! But hey in my black sect、It was a little sweet、Women's considered excellent Uke?!

"Indonesia from Sumatra Island Mandheling G1 (Sumatra Mandelin G1)" 220 TWD (Japan Yen:About 810 yen)
For each Cup to provide drip、Takes a little time、Order the Mandheling favorite from the menu! Roasting is a medium roast、A deep rich taste like bitter chocolate.、Guests can enjoy a refined palate, delicately sweet to enjoy!

"Double espresso (Double Espresso)" 80 TWD (Japan Yen:About 300 yen)
Espresso machine is present in the made in Italy "rancilio (Rancilio).、Using a deep-roast beans、Deep taste rich and full of flavor you can enjoy!

Latte (Caffè Latte) 160 TWD (Japan Yen:About 590 yen)
The latte was poured into antique mug、Sink to the rim edge Cup of milk into、Draw a leaf、Enjoy a smooth Crema was poisoned and one cup.

In a report with Tomo、Daughter had ask ago doing music and sing "Gestalt maiden Gestalt Girl"The 2nd mini album was released the big news that has been jumped!

Gestalt maiden became a foursome from the Taiwan rock band、All lyrics、Composer's Vo. & Gt... and in、And writing, daughter of Tomo Mikan-CHAN、Expresses the sound of their own and unique view of the music world!
While Taiwan people、They spoke in fluent Japan language flow along the sound、Naturally adorable voice familiar to the ears to show off Mikan-CHAN!
Yet、Like a band of drummers in Japan.、Voice to rave about her talents on Twitter that are coming out、From this activity is not fun!

Tomo the time so had to demonstrate pretty sore in the DELE DELE、I felt very pretty parent-child love (lol)!

La Crema (La Crema), national Ma 咖 caffes shop
Address:Taipei City, Guang Fu South Road 280 Street 45 No.
TEL:+886 2 2731 3264
Hours of operation:11:00-23:00

"Gloria Prince Taipei, farmer and restaurant ingredients chef supervisor Breakfast with "Gloria Prince Taipei, their vegetable garden organic vegetables
"Gloria Prince Taipei, farmer and restaurant ingredients chef supervisor
Breakfast with "Gloria Prince Taipei, their vegetable garden organic vegetables


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