"Marriott Taipei, limited time offer! Afternoon tea in collaboration with cosmetics brand

Development continues in Taipei "in the area" and called large or district、2015In August the Grand opening "Taipei Marriott Hotel Taipei Marriott Hotel(Marriott Hotel) "for afternoon tea in the lobby lounge (Lobby Lounge).

The Marriott Hotel、6 Fu Group and 10,000 international hotel chain, introduced jointly by Australia international group and、320 guest rooms and suites furnished rooms is a 5-star luxury hotel!


Buffet-style restaurant、Another five, including restaurants Teppanyaki restaurant & bar、Huge 3000 m² (can accommodate up to 1200 people) in Taipei boasts the largest multi-purpose event (Ballroom)、Meeting room、Fitness Center、Pool、And integrated hotel facilities include a shopping arcade、Large and strategically located in Central or district、We offer rooms with panoramic views of Taipei City and the Botanical Garden!

Here "Taipei West Hua Hotel The Sherwood TaipeiThe Sherwood Taipei "the hotel owner Liu bunji (B. V.Riu) and can be handled in the new hotel、His son Liu Heng Chang (Mark Liu)、As the Managing Director is entrusted to operate!

On this day、Taiwan's sister in loveVanessa KaoSwooped on a tight schedule, because it made me time、Food criticEagleSan、And、Wong jade 緹 (Yuti) as a friend introduced me to the Democratic Progressive Party's and enjoy afternoon tea together!

The afternoon tea menu in the lounge、Day 14:00-17:00Until the offers at times、This time I got、2018年2月1日~4月30日までの期間限定企画で韓国の高級コスメブランド「ソルファス(Sulwhasoo)雪花秀」との コラボレーションとなる愛らしいスイーツセットとなります!

「台北マリオット x ソルファス(Sulwhasoo)雪花秀アフタヌーンティー(Taipei Marriott x Korean cosmetics Sulwhasoo Afternoon tea)」(2カップのティー付)1,880TWD+10%(日本円約7,650円)






皆でリップやチークを片手にポージングを決め楽しいティータイムを過ごしていると丁度ラウンジで仕事をされていた新北市議員の李婉鈺(Adrean Lee)さんがいらしたので歓談しながら皆で記念撮影タイム!

When、ビッグサプライズで「ザ・シャーウッド台北」の名物GMであるAchim V. Hake(アキム・フォン・ヘイク)とPRの陳緯嘉(Dorry Fiasco)がわざわざ挨拶に出向いてくれました !


ロビーラウンジ(Lobby Lounge)
TEL:+886 2 2175 7955

Taipei Marriott Hotel
Location:No. 199, Lequn 2nd Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City
TEL:+886 2 8502 9999

2018/4/26Taipei Taiwan travel /Marriott and work



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