"Mandarin Oriental Taipei, an elegant high-floor dancefloor absolutely recommended!

With a classic modern design 256 guest rooms and 47 Suites "Mandarin Oriental Taipei Mandarin Oriental, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Taipei Taipei"The check-in to become a top floor room, 1726's Club Deluxe Room (Club Deluxe Room)!

All of the rooms at this、55Largest square meters more than Taiwan's pride、Have every room features elegant and comfortable spaces, are provided!

In addition、To be here on the 17th floor "Club floor"、6Use of the Oriental Club Lounge floor with、Champagne breakfast in the beginning、Light snacks and afternoon tea、Comes with a cocktail and lounge can be used freely even rewards! Actually,、I could feel it the most!

The delicate design of the chandelier with presence and detail to show commitment to、Formal European designs and plus elegant attractive Asian of Taiwan、And produce a high-quality space unmatched in other、Favorite room hotel offers guests an elegant.

As well as design、That doubles as a utility in all great!

With walk-in closets and unpacking、Chime in with your room's sounds、Lovely PRAMAC gift!

Loving hand happy message and will see Flower chocolate"、Made with craftsmanship and sugarcraft and chocolate、You can eat while enjoying such objects!

The motifs of flowers was placed under glass dome "Flower Chocolate" is like "Peony or Paeony root.、Its appearance is like a wheel as in the Disney movie "beauty and the beast", "the rose", romantic!

"The Mandarin cake shop The Mandarin Cake Shop at Mandarin Oriental, Taipei bmbou flower cake"With a sweet, low-key with the original two species of pineapple pineapple cake、Aromatic coffee at break time!

The world of Mandarin from the hospitality feeling immersed in happy mood、Awaits the finest world like our taste in women!

Taipei Mandarin Oriental (Mandarin Oriental Taipei)
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Taipei
Location:No. 158, Dunhua N Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City
TEL:+886 2 2715 6888

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2018/4/25Taiwan Travel/mandarin Oriental Taipei Vol.1


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