"Mandarin Oriental Taipei, luxury and prestigious 5-star hotel

Giving out European-style classicalmoduntayst、8Years of built over the years, five star hotel "Mandarin Oriental Taipei Mandarin Oriental, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Taipei Taipei"To!

Place、MRT Nanjing station (formerly named:Nanjing East Road Station) from 8 minutes walking distance, yet、The beauty and the city、Dunhua North Road along a lush, blessed with the environment、Calm location.

2014Opened on 18 may, from、We revisit over and over again、Days to come to Taipei to stay this hotel look forward to、We are really looking forward to!

Gorgeous and in the entrance hall.、5Ten thousand piece one crystal chandelier sparkling in brilliant greets!

"Let there be? Peacock's was drawn to this high behind glass? "Oh、This is the new Version!

Definitely looking for like、Seen where in some places adopted a new design、Now, though,、While incorporating the intentions of owners currently in progress、The hotel can ask the situation continues to evolve!

For always loom cel check-in.、Tell the reservation name at the front desk、Soon Yi Jia yan Director of communications (Luanne Li) And Wang Jin 瑀 (Stella Wang-、Horse-錡 (Bellona Ma) To Dubai by 3 people、I'm so happy reunion.

Here you will、So as Japan staff、Who are weak in English、Kimihiko staff wearing Japan national flag pin badge on the chest!

Beside the hotel、Commercial buildings lined with luxury brand owners operated the arcade bar、Come shop opened little by little and、In a festive mood!

The Mandarin Cake Shop in the courtyard The Mandarin Cake Shop at Mandarin Oriental, Taipei bmbou flower cake"The Terrace seats available、Equipped with colorful umbrellas、It can enjoy tea time feeling comfortable out of the wind!

Is a distinctive and colorful shades were organized on the wall side original package box、This shades and variations to get heart comes the exciting moments! Colorful cakes and baked goods、Greens rich in chocolate confectionery and fresh-baked artisan breads and fancy pastries、There are also gift choice!

Staff who served ago Victoria (MC Torie)、With a bright smile like served the eternal sunflower to Dubai、Lovely she was alive and well!

Cake shop next to the bistro "Café de Lugano"Also new open!

In the shopping arcade, with a 1 second、Hong Kong S.A.R. carpet brand "Tai Ping(Typing) "!

High-quality carpet personality like a piece of art becomes complete.、Besides the texture、Attract the eyes of beauty!

Other、Simple installation is particularly great tea leaves shop "XIE XIE Taiwan(Sheshe) "! And the name "XIEXIE (sheshe).、"Thank you" in Chinese means "Xie Xie(Sheshe)"From the coming、謝sann is the owner's name in the from、So named, meaning "give tea" with gratitude! Would you have time please enjoy tasting!

In addition、During the past two years and open new restaurants、Japan cuisine restaurant "Taj home 涮 涮 pot TAJIMAYA Shabu Shabu"、Teppan-yaki "Tajima homes steel plates sintered TAJIMAYA Teppanyaki"The two stores、Such as the Edo-style sushi is still in the open before going "Kawai (KAWAI).、Especially in Japan food force is poured in, I am overjoyed!

Now、Next is the introduction to your room!

Taipei Mandarin Oriental (Mandarin Oriental Taipei)
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Taipei
Location:No. 158, Dunhua N Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City
TEL:+886 2 2715 6888

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2018/4/25Taiwan Travel/mandarin Oriental Taipei Vol.1


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