See Grandma for Taipei' Toyama crafts to hotel owners!


This time we arelade Gourmet & Hotel Web MagazineIn the planning
[To travel with the second series] as、Author of 2 will be active in the world and activities in Toyama Prefecture
"Shimoo DesignAnd caudate, Kazuhiko (Kazuhiko Shimoo)& Caudate Saori (Saori Shimoo)"The wooden instrument
"Syouryu / Yoshinori shimatani (Shimatani Yoshinori)"The has traveled with a Tin-made instruments!

"Grand Mayfull Hotel Taipei"The Hotel Owner Chen spring copper (Chen), it also works、
Our Collaboration with dinner to "rice fragrance (MIPON) in the Taiwan cuisine seasoned Chef Tung Ching kin (CC Tung)!

To commemorate Chen Chun copper (Chen), I to of "Syouryu" "Tin is found" and you will receive、
We received a beautiful instrument of NARUMI from Chen's hotel's original and was created!

"Syouryu" the "Tin is only" is 100% Tin and、Unlike standard Tin plate、Repeat the rolling times、
By skilled craftsman rhythmically "hit with a hammer.、It is bend or stretch, made changes to。
We are married to the bride and groom are coming up、During a long married life from this difficult times Valles、
This "Tin is only" in so struck a stronger、Mutual support、Overcoming difficulties、And respect each other、
"Freedom" each other and each other good changes, I thought you always taking the attitude、
Also、We have been awarded the hope so as it does not break where you can become long and happy!
Tim&Amber Liu,Happy Ever After!






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