Promised land flower lotus flower Lotus specialty Princess coffee tasting coffee Department!

"Flower Lotus ideal Earth passed Crowne Plaza Hotel Promisedland Resort & Lagoon Promised land resort & Lagoon "of the experience handed flip coffee DIY (Hand Dripped Coffee DIY) hands off 咖 caffes DIY has emerged as the new hotel activity!

The area called the "Hualien rueisuei.、Higashiyama-South、Along with "gukeng in Yunlin.、Also known as the three major coffee producers starting from the Japan rule age Taiwan、This time the、Hand driped original classroom using the Princess coffee (Coffee Princess) Princess 咖啡 brand coffee beans cultivated in Maizuru Mizuho plateau, handled by the "Princess 咖 caffes Maizuru tea princess coffee".

(Lake Side Cafe) has been expanded to new "Lakeside Café.、Will served as the instructor stays at the last us some cocktail bartender Chen sentence flame (Chen Jaspo)!

First of all,、Description of the Princess coffee beans is the beginning.、Overlap the two beans typically red berries in female beans、Only 1 tablet beans become a rare male from the presence of the beans、State of the raw coffee beans、After the roasting、And、State of good beans、On the reverse、Oxidized beans、Beans were eaten by worms、Show status of broken beans and soy-beans, etc!

At first、A lecturer inChen sentence flame(Chen Jaspo) looking at because it shows your example of drip and "roast、Freshly ground、Freshly brewed "adhering、You can ask the position very carefully pour!

Beans puku-puku born bubbles fills the air smells of fresh beans with very good!

[How to BREW coffee Princess]
Roast (1) protects the measurement using beans、Grind immediately before drinking
(2) coffee and coffee cups warm water
(3) set the paper filter Dripper、Put the powder from the ground
(4) hot water heated to 95 ° c pour small amounts in a drip pot、Whole powder in hot water and steam about 20 seconds
(5) from the heart slowly and gently draw a circle to pour
Pour the extract in a cup of warm coffee (6)、Drink in the warm!

This time the、Using the recommended roasting of the Princess coffee-medium roast、I drip is a challenge!

To say、For daily at home are making the coffee in a drip、These steps will be local!

Previous、Because Japan also participated in the classroom "coffee delicious way.、Despite the differences in your country and that selfishness is the same.、After we brewed our interesting experience!

It's、Coffee brewed to each participant to "eat" to that!
Same beans、The same tools、Even though that making it in roughly the same condition、Is change flavors also change hands fresh and I was really surprised!

Now、Who brewed coffee is delicious!
General Manager and her husband、Collecting the votes of staff、Rose is in the coffee that I brewed!
It is not because you are making every day in (laughs)

Enjoying the calm Lake、Hotel homemade "Choco & Matcha cookies" along with having a relaxed time in the coffee and、Day 16:30-Started live will be held for 30 minutes!

It is a very friendly dancers ago singing and dancing gave everyone!
I had thanks for remembering that we so glad!

With happy hour every day held in the Cafe、The day of the original drinks being served!
On this day "Blueberry、Peach、Pineapple "in providing fresh juice!

While a refreshing juice、We then enjoy fun music live!

Promised land resort & Lagoon
Promisedland Resort & Lagoon
Flower Lotus ideal Earth passed Crowne Plaza Hotel
Location:Hualien County Shou Feng village ideal channel 1 No.

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