Wilderness Lake is surrounded by mountains of Ilan "wanted Ryu 、neiweibei", become a treasure trove of filming location for Taiwan drama!

A beautiful Lake surrounded by mountains of Ilan "Hope Dragon 、neiweibei(Wanglong Lake) "to!

The "hope Dragon 、neiweibei (Wanglong Lake).、In the back of Yi-LAN Member 鄉 pillow mountain village, Koyama country elementary school、Due to hundreds of years ago landslides、Large reef-mountains at the foot of a naturally formed Lake.

The hope Dragon 、neiweibei formed in the mountains、As precious water resources and the lives of local residents also have inseparable relationship、The local's from Proverbs、Like abundant rain brought hope is named "hope Dragon 、neiweibei'!

Here is、Featuring Taiwan popular Idol drama "autumn's Concerto (under one site, Happy) "of is famous as a filming location.

Lakeside Café is name of the village in the play "Hanada village Lake 咖啡"And renamed、Has become popular among fans、On weekends it is crowded with many tourists!

Stores selling fruits and vegetables also、Hot peach boy (tomato) and Yi ran's famous "Samsung onions" and lined with fine, sharp ass and "red heart 芭 Lok (guava)、"Lemon" is being sold!

Around the Lake、Relax in the elegant duck or duck often!

Face sticks out like a red COB Taiwan duck (Muscovy)、Quite powerful!

Stroll the Boardwalk was installed around the Lake area about 1 km!

Green leafy promenade、Is also the appearance of the dog walks with their owners to enjoy and relax and enjoy the world of two couples、Stop horsing around and air flow.、It is a very pleasant promenade!

On the Lake、 Red zig-zag form of Chinese-style tie both ends of the Lake "ninth bridge" and we happen to notice red arched bridge、Scenic views over the bridge!

Sound be healed from the Arbour wants Dragon Tei I hear high-pitched、And stop、Despite the acoustic guitar、You come across to Uncle blowing harmonica!

Hearts played "Edelweiss" lush melodic ease!

From the spring of Taiwan summer climate is really comfortable for、It is recommended that Ilan in nature to a prosperous place to stretch your legs!

Hope Dragon 、neiweibei (Wanglong Lake)
Location:Taiwan Yilan fellow mountain village pillow mountain village Paju Castle Road 18-6 No.
TEL:+886 935 172 968

The Westin, Ilan, resort
Yi-LAN power Li Wei migiwa degrees Crowne Plaza Hotel (The Westin Resort Yilan)
Location:Yong said road three-268-go, Fellow mountain 鄉, yilan, 台灣
TEL:+886 3 923 2111

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2018/4/19Taiwan travel / GE Ma LAN Equestrian Club music, and hope Dragon 、neiweibei

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