Cheap recommended! "Terry Tour" 2 Nortalsic Townscape "Three Gorges Old Town"

Chen Wei good (Terry) speak Japan's tourist destinations in Taiwan taxi Charter next to guide、100Enjoy the atmosphere of the nostalgic streets lined with buildings for more than a year ago "Three channel old town SanXia & #8216; s streets of old サンシャー」へ!

The "third channel (Sanxia) Sanchar.、City of ceramics "Nightingale song old town"For in the next city is just 15 minutes away by car、Many tourists go in a set area.

Triangle springing old town flourished as a trading center for goods in the late Qing dynasty、Arched red brick was erected during Japan colonial period of approximately 200 m more.、Repair work on the beautifully kept and lived for more than 100 years ago、Arch pillars of ancient Greece and ancient Rome、Blended Baroque decoration, such as China or Japan-style buildings、The atmosphere has a red-brick、Full of atmosphere and the nostalgia somewhere!

This town is at that time.、Indigo dyeing industry is very active in、Many apparent "decontamination" and written to the building entrance on stone plate、From the design under the name of various、You can feel the remnants of the Mall at the time!

Each has become a landlord's name or under the name engraved on the roofs of houses and shops remain、You may know at that time on what business in the building.。

Chen Wei goodness (Terry) I to teach us the history of the 3 gorges! 3 gorge located in the mountains、3 gorges River、Next to the river、Is the confluence of three of the Dahan river flow。

Little river leads to the freshwater three redwoods、Place was making the Delta becomes the 3 gorges before shopping、At that time was known as "triangle springing.。3 gorges was endowed with land for development of agriculture and、Indigo materials plant in the mountains can be taken、Dyeing industry evolved from a river near you。We thrive by sending to Taiwan and abroad by shipping more。

Walk through the old town、Retro diner and Taiwan Seymour becomes complete.、Started with cafes and sweets.、Souvenir shop, Taiwan tea ranges。

Among the most famous still Shop 3 gorges and specialty will be "Gold 3 channel Gyu-Kaku"" Croissant style bread!

A specialty stores from selling money cow horn and stores given the、On the form of restaurants and stunning bull by the horns、Provides a glossy dough, puff pastry crispy dough, not。

Roughly one 22 TWD and TWD 30 (Japan Yen:About 80 Yen to 110 yen), and sold、From the plain and flavored chocolate flavor.、Coffee and vanilla、Strawberry、Matcha green tea、Cream、Cheese、Sweet bean paste、Melon taste etc、Because it seems to enjoy a wide variety of tastes、Please try by all means I would like!

Is triangle springing the old town entrance in "police station".。Keep the retro red-brick building to the police station、Streets is watching!

Considered the Crown jewels of forward triangle springing an old town and beautiful Taiwan one sculpture "Three channel old town Kiyomizu Temple tirthankar"And、Dedicated to heroes of the Northern Sung dynasty "Shimizu soshigaya"。

1769The nave was built in the year、1899In anti-Japanese war and destroyed twice by fire in 1947, but、By Lee plum 3 gorges prominent artists that has been rebuilt, the。

In the parapet of the nave in openwork、Stone dragon and Phoenix、Hermit, finely carved and powerful!

After time permitting Taiwan a beautiful sculpture、Visit the Peace Memorial visits and journeys of hope!

In the 3 gorges River "Three channel chofukuji bridge"If you prefer the peaceful views!

Stone lions on either side of the bridge was set up at regular intervals, and Arbor will shoot!
This day the temperature very comfortable.、The wind and feel comfortable、Leisurely walk time!

3 gorges old town in the big city is not、About 1 hour is enough can explore。
While studying history at the time of、The slip、Enjoy in picturesque town!

Now、(Terry) goodness of Chen Wei got the taxi charters、The next hot springs surrounded by woods of mystery "Yiwu Royal old city(Urai) we lay "to!


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