"The Sherwood Taipei" Songshan area around the hotel attractions packed! Introducing recommendations spot!


After breakfast "The Sherwood Taipei"The car
Stroll through the nearby spots for introducing。
From 5 minutes to 10 minutes walkingJinzhou StreetThe、Show a uniform crowded local food restaurant、
Daytime office workers is popular!
Local food in Taiwan has come challenge you are!


The hotel is within walking、Taiwan's most famous public park "Rongxing Park' There!


Total site area filled the huge grounds 6.8-hectare Green、
Ideal for jogging or walking.


Taipei Songshan AirportThe highly popular Japanese and Taiwan people nor a fashionable cafe Street in the South
"Fujin Street' There!


The fashionable shops "Fujin Street"。
Here is、2013Open, you seeBEAMS"The Taiwan no. 1 and this is!


While Japanese owner operated
♥&Cafe 'Fujin Tree 355"That is very popular!
"Fujin Tree 355"Now、
To support our pottersGaku SyakunagaThanks for selling of-Kun!


Design of kitchen and household goods brand "3,co"The shop & Cafe '3,co Café"Also there!


Japan Kyushu-grown wheat and whole grain cereals and 100% use、
Deploying a secure and healthy Pancake Mix additives are not used
"Kyushu pancakes"Also, Taipei has been doing.


In the nearby "Taipei Songshan Airport"From the popular spots you can shoot at aircraft landing、
Ideal airplane geek will love!


Sherwood TaipeiThe Front Office ManagerJon LuAnd
Responsible for Public RelationsDoris ChenThe Guide while、
Japan speakJacqueline WuThe received interpretation.


On this day、Blessed with the weather and the flood、
Spread is a refreshing blue sky、Very good sightseeing day.


Explore Taipei's largest market is the next in line.


Minzu E RdIn the region、Spread on the roadPudong market


Line type fresh and abundant seafood and meat shop、Includes many shops.


Chicken is a bird or is hung plump、And the pig's feet dangling、
Every part is a motley appearance will be sold in chunks、Sight in Japan too hard。


Vegetables and fruits including、Locals will be available closer to market.


As well asMinzu E RdTo be 'Fruit strain rates from market"。
In the extensive grounds、Fresh fish and vegetables、Fruit、Fresh flowers, such as low-cost, is provided.


Next in line、And is operated by Mitsui of Japan food group in Taipei、
In this region have become popular tourist attractions
Market-integrated restaurant "Addiction Aquatic Developmen"Let me see!

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