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Head to Taichung train station by taxi from Sun Moon Lake, in one iron journey to Taipei City.



Sun Moon LakeThe lakeside resort hotel "The LALU"From the
About 50 minutes by taxi.Taichung StationTo arrived.。
Taichung StationFromLine of Taiwan Railway Administration (commonly known as:Taiwan Railway)The boarding Shinkansen、
Taipei StationUntil approximately one hour, will return.


Sun Moon LakeThe cool think climate and clean with a、7Of the monthTaichungThe Sun will heat strongly!
Taiwan summer station and Shinkansen.、Public facilities are
Air conditioning is set to strongly、The temperature difference between the outside air and too far.。
Especially for a long time to cross.、Would be better if you will ride on the Shinkansen bullet train, such as lightly with her stuff.


Taichung StationFromTaipei StationUntil the
Reserved seat tickets are per person.One way 630 TWD (Japan Yen:2270 JPY)Will be!


Ride the bullet train、Taipei StationTo departure!


This time the、Taichung StationIs just stopped and、
TaichungIn the tour, they could not、I also have a chance、
As Taiwan's third largest city、Crowded as a city of art and cultureTaichungEven
I slowly and you want to visit.


Overlooking the peaceful scenery from the train journey。


Shinkansen Interior。


Lined with high rise towerTaipei CityWe have seen!


Taipei StationTo arrive、The next station is the old。


Single ironTo transfer、Next to the train stationSongshan StationTo and will。


Tickets can be purchased at ticket vending machines。
Taipei StationFromSongshan StationUntil the
Ticket per person.One way 15 TWD (Japan Yen:60 yen)Will be!


In a conventionalBased on Takashi districtThe train ride.。


Approximately 6 minute ride next to the train stationSongshan StationAnd will be。


A conventional train has leisurely.


Songshan StationThe West Gate。


Songshan StationFrom boarding taxis、
[Taipei home] and it seems
"The Sherwood Taipei"The go!

Shizuoka Prefecture West Center packed with information on gourmet restaurants in Tokyo, Nagoya and overseas!
Food log version caches to currently provides information on gourmet restaurants in more than 700。
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"The LALU" Check out the pride heartwarming hotel a natural rich scenery that come and go Home of Taipei "The Sherwood Taipei" Check-in to the Executive Suite!
"The LALU" Check out the pride heartwarming hotel a natural rich scenery that come and go
Home of Taipei "The Sherwood Taipei" Check-in to the Executive Suite!


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