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Sun Moon Lake Cycling Road CNN choose "the most beautiful 10 large cycling road in the world"



Sun Moon LakeThe "Xiangshan Visitor Center"Now、
Total distance29kmOn the &Sun Moon LakeThe tour "Sun Moon Lake cycling"For some
"Xiangshan cycling road (distance3km-"And、This would be suitable for small exercise course。
"Sun Moon Lake cycling"On the other、
"Moon Lake cycling road (distance: 4 km)"、"Head, cycling (1 km)"There。
Since the 2007 cycling boom in TaiwanHas begun、
Even today many of you enjoyed cycling as a hobby or sport.


Immediately、Rent a bike、Enjoy cycling!


Bike rental fee varies by grade。
People want to be cycling in earnest or provided bicycles for、
And the family-type ride for two couples and a small child、
And is available for hire to suit your requirements.


We also volunteer guideCynthia LiuIs it the instructions in、
Departed to the cycling road, approximately 1 hour.


Paved cycling road is very easy to run、
Overlooking the lush green road and as far as Lake、Feel like an exhilarating journey!


"Sun Moon Lake cycling"The beautiful thing、CNN's U.S. travel information site "CNN Go"In the、
"The most beautiful 10 large cycling road in the world"To have been ranked.


On the way、Get off the bike and small break while、You will enjoy great views and good!


Lake breeze is evrything、In a magnificent nature, cycling、
In each spot provides include the photo as a scenic view points.


Sun Moon Lake view point


Forward for a while and see a big white bridge!


Concentric bridge


We do not run only a few minutes、
The starting point forXiangshan Visitor CenterCame within sight on the other side!
Surrounded by forest and grass、Natural and blends into the lush green landscape successfully integrated!


Next in line、See a bridge wishing love and marriage!
Were seen holding hands in a couple runs, and pleasing (but dangerous).


Yung result bridge



Traveling in Taiwan、Opposite of Japan and the right driving down careful!


To in seasons beautiful cycling landscapes、So you can enjoy!


On the way、Rest area along the Lake there、This is a heart-shaped Pavilion.


On the way、While taking a break in scenic places、I came back from the roughly one-hour cycling。
Volunteer guideCynthia LiuMr. a、Even though said to be 70 years old next year、
Stamina and much more than the US flag on the way、How are you today。
Whatever is always stretching and walking, as well as、1It never misses a until the time of cycling!
Fitness is important and it seems!


"Xiangshan Visitor Center"The、
For the Café、Ideal for a short break after work up a sweat in the cycling.


Cafe overlooking the Lake in the all-glass "Xiangshan Coffe Shop"。
Here you will、Hard-to-Taiwan-grown coffee is very famous and popular!


Beautiful curves and painted a distinctive design used to store open、
Simple and still stylish modern atmosphere.


The very popular "Taiwan-grown coffee"In Café au lait confidentthat。
To order black coffee if always this is Toro、We recommend Cafe au lait was。
Certainly、Tired body of gentle sweetnessCafe au lait will feel delicious!。
Volunteer guideCynthia LiuMr. a、Cycling during our couples please shoot many、
LINE through me many send photos! Xie Xie!
Nishiki-Kasumi-San、Really terrible! is a 70-year-old! (Lol)


Using the same coffee beans coffee jelly filled soft feel in costume、
Ideal for cool-down.


I think you to experience to our ACE adachihara green cycling fun!
Cycling while feeling the pleasant breeze、It is recommended!

Sun Moon Lake Xiangshan Visitor Center
Location:No. 599, Zhongshan Rd, Yuchi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan
Hours of operation:9:00-17:00
Seven days a week

Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake "Xiangshan Visitor Center" Buildings Japanese architect Norihiko Dan was designed "The LALU" After receiving the welcome of the hospitable staff, go to LALU SPA
Sun Moon Lake "Xiangshan Visitor Center" Buildings Japanese architect Norihiko Dan was designed
"The LALU" After receiving the welcome of the hospitable staff, go to LALU SPA


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