Sun Moon Lake "Xiangshan Visitor Center" Buildings Japanese architect Norihiko Dan was designed


Located almost in the center of the Taiwan Taiwan's largest lake、
Sun Moon LakeIs a prominent architect in JapaneseNorihiko DanMr. was engaged in architectural design、2011Completed in the year
"Xiangshan Visitor Center"And、
The flow line in a stylish modern elements
In the dynamic design attracted attention、Are popular as a tourist attraction.


But now, tourists、Has been used as a date spot for Taiwan people、
As a cycling very attracting!


Building huge RC suddenly appear on the shoreThings areSeeking harmony with nature in a building facing the Lake、
Flow lines and curvaceous design using、
Is subjected to the design height, like cuddling on the Lake!


Xiangshan Visitor CenterThe Taiwan architecture Awards、Acclaim internationally!


Here you will、I see many newlywed couples will be taking the shot before the wedding!
Natural shine beautifully snow-white wedding dress on the back is a nice event!


This is "Xiangshan Visitor Center"The reception will be.


In the reception、English、Chinese、Listed in, such as Japan,
Brochure information, such as installed、
Sun Moon LakeFor sold exhibits, including traditional craft products, native produce、
Sun Moon LakeThe will look water Sha ren district about industrial culture exhibit.


At the reception counter、
A prominent architect in JapaneseNorihiko DanIntroduction of VTR's broadcast!


Norihiko DanWas helmed by "Xiangshan Visitor Center"The design is、
Line draw a simple, refined design and high praise、
And good use of background framework、Narrow area facing the Lake even though、Provides spacious vision。
Zen has expressed views method、Terrain and buildings each with detailed planning, organized、
Nature and realize the stage to interact with people、Sun Moon LakeThe has gained popularity as a landmark。


This time "Traffic of tourism Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Management Institute"of
The Recreation Division YuOcean LinTo meet, received will greetings!


He greeted with a refreshing smileOcean Lin


Of the head ofOcean LinTo introduce the guests.


Designed to keep the central square prepared on-site water level horizontally with lake view and water、
The design feels like just like walking on the Lake!
Sit down on the ground to meet the building、There also will be watching closely and natural!


"Cycling around Sun Moon Lake is popular!"And we suggest、
I want to experience the later!


Laval tourism Regional DirectorChang Jenn-chyan-From the gift that、
Sun Moon LakeThe Guidebook and scenic postcards logo tee、
Character filled water bottles etc、We get a lot of Nice souvenirs! Xie Xie! Mr. Zhang&Carolyn!


Sun Moon LakeThe Lake back to photo as a PR unit!


See the exhibition room in the hotel!


Exhibits, such as the native crafts。


Exhibits such as crafts and woven.


Sun Moon LakeThe exhibition panels illustrating the geology。


760 m above sea level、Area 100 sq km、Would be around 37 kmSun Moon LakeOf the model。
Towards the left round Lake "Lake"、Lake Crescent on the right "Moon Lake"Next、FitSun Moon LakeWill be!


In April 1919 Japan rule age、The Governor-General of Taiwan (at that time Governor's Akashi from Jiro's 7th President)、
To ensure the necessary power to commercial and industrial development of Taiwan established the Taiwan Power Co., Ltd.、
In August of the same yearSun Moon LakeIn construction to establish the hydroelectric power plant construction。
Build a dam in the murky waters on Taiwan's longest river in、
Pull the water in a 15 km-long underground aqueductSun Moon LakeIn the reservoir、
Move the generator in the valid height 329 m hydroelectric power that was、
First World War (1914-1918) after the economic recession and the economic depression、
Construction was extremely difficulties、That takes a very delayed due to reasons such as lack of money、
Take approximately 15 years from start of construction、In June, Sun Moon Lake hydroelectric power plant work completed 1934、
Current、Sun Moon LakeThe electricity generated by using the water、Accounted for 56% of the total hydroelectric power in Taiwan。


Natural、And rich ecosystemSun Moon LakeThe provides information on ecology。
Every year、4May and June can be Firefly watching、
In the creeks and roads、You can observe natural dragonflies and frogs。
Also、OtherSun Moon LakeThe tea was created taking advantage of local development and forestry、
Shaved、Agriculture、Also industrial culture, including arts and crafts shows.


Of the nativesThao tribeTo the Panel reflected a dance、
Thao tribeThe punch exhibited、Photo is available.


After touring the exhibition room and audio-visual room、Take a stroll around hotel。


Beautiful with a special technique flow design、I feel the expanse in sight!


Off the slopes、To the roof。


Cycling road,Sun Moon LakeCan look at the roof、Is popular as a filming location.


Sun Moon LakeThe views of Taiwan's most beautiful alpine lakes has。
To enjoy the beauty of this、Without having to worry about time、
Recommend relaxing and staying on ulterior motives.


In it、Next is cycling across the surface of the Lake.
"Mukaiyama cycling road"To take the challenge!

Sun Moon Lake Xiangshan Visitor Center
Location:No. 599, Zhongshan Rd, Yuchi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan
Hours of operation:9:00-17:00
Seven days a week

Sun Moon Lake

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