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Superb view ! Enjoy the beautiful azure color lake seen from the air in the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway panoramic !



Sun Moon LakeThe、2010In January "Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village"Until the
"Sun Moon Lake ropeway"Has been opened、
From the air slip through the mountains、
Unleash the beautySun Moon LakeThe panoramic lake views!

Sun Moon Lake ropeway departs
On weekdays:10:30~ 16:00、Holiday:10:00~ 16:30


Sun Moon Lake ropewayThe round trip ticket、1Per capita300TWD (Japan Yen:About 960 yen)Will be!


Sun Moon Lake ropewayThe people-friendly design、Home station is accessible for disabled guests。
In addition、Gondola is for old people and handicapped people.、Height easily getting pregnant women and small children、
In the spacious eight-passenger car、Seats will flip。
Each gondola、2Is comfortable and the staff can put the wheelchairs at the same time!
In it、Is a departure.


The ropeway has the 1877 m、
Two mountains are located in the Middle、Sun Moon Lake sideThe Mt. choose No. 7 is 996 m、
8 Gobashira of Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village near whopping proud of the height of 1,044m、
Watch a breathtaking lush!


Lift type ropewayRed、Yellow、BlueAnd、
The Red "Sun"、The yellow "Moon"、The blue "Lake"Means.


The operation followed and the 1877 m、In a gentle curve to draw rope、
Is exhilarating, like something from the bottom up into the sky.、Speedy, powerful。
Gondola installed Windows for ventilation around the gondola and the gate、
Because of vents on all sides on the floor、Breeze comfort feel gives goodness!


The views from the sky over、Sparkling blueSun Moon LakeSpread!


In the ropeway line、And erection meter 16 pole、
More than two outlets South of the Sun Moon Lake OTAKE divining good luck mountain foothills of、
Chapter 7、Distance between the 8 issue prop became the longest distance in current Taiwan、786reach m。
Cable from more than 160 m vertical altitude to the ground。
At 57.6 m is the distance between the gondola at the maximum flux、At the same time runs about 14 vehicles gondolas。
Gondola capacity: 8 persons is packed.、
Total weight of the gondola and passengers, is approximately 14 tons。


The ride volunteer guideCynthia LiuMr. from、
Sun Moon LakeAbout the things I learned! Xie Xie! Nishiki-Kasumi-San!


Maximum driving speed is 6 m/s、1Go 6 m during the second。
For maximum speed,、1It is able to transport 3,000 hours!
Total distance times celebrates the ascent in approximately 7 minutes.


And then take the ropeway、Down the slope, s get off to the first floor。
Using lift legs are weak.


Sun Moon LakeThe souvenir shop, such as products are equipped.


Here is "Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village"And、
Learn the history and State of the natives "Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village"A separate ticket is available。
"Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village"The 7/27/1986 more on Taiwan Aboriginal culture village officially opened。
After that、1992With the turnaround starting in the cultural village、
The concept of theme parks, and adding more great mechanical amusement facilities、
Has become a general amusement park、
Indigenous rural areas representing the culture of the indigenous people of Taiwan 九族、
Large attractions were "amusement world"、
Taiwan is the most wide European-style gardens
Divided into water Sha-European garden of the three thematic areas.

Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village entrance fee (fee ropeway)
Adult:780Ex (Japan Yen:2,810JPY) / personal


And explore the souvenir shop、Take the gondola down!


Surrounded by lush mountains, beautifulSun Moon Lake


To my surprise the volunteer guideCynthia LiuMr. a、
Direct celebrates his 70 years and older、
Physical fitness is our without succumbing to the 40s、And full of vitality、
In addition、Stay in touch using a Smartphone LINE,、Young, how are you!
Even to this day、While taking pictures of our couples、Instantly have me attach it in LINE with
In vigorous spirit of service、Very kind to us.


7 minutes down was that I feel between!


The old cityOn the way back towards the spotted owl Bulletin Board and post!
Here is、Will EMA in Japan as a "prayer"。
WhySun Moon LakeNow、But was wondering often come across the OWL mascot、
Of the nativesThao tribeThe、Have you figured out the mystery, there are stories about owls and ear。

The old、Thao village、There was a very beautiful girl。
Could this girl still didn't marry、
And come hungry and one day found herself、It was like was apparently pregnant。
My parents started.、The people of the village、It's very embarrassing and cursing、Blame the girl continued。
And、Stand a girl、Finally one night、It's ran away to the mountains。
Then a couple of days、Hunters crossed into mountain is back in the village。
Said this Hunter in the mountains met the girl.。
People ask their whereabouts and、Hunter said bitterly.、Told the girl again in the village won't come back,。
According to her words、Without listening to the girl、Apart from people who swore、
Forgive the mind kindly listened to their misfortune into、From this I decided to be owl's。
People's initial、Did not believe this story at all。
However,、A few days after the、Big OWL flew in the village。
At this time、The OWL immediately went back into the mountains、After that、And a pregnant woman Thao、
OWL flies come home pregnant women always be coming、He continued singing in a loud voice。
In the whole、It was like telling people that pregnant women in this House。
It's、No matter what、Caring for pregnant women、
Also these girls have to take a sad message。
Since、Now people of the tribe's incarnation of the girl OWL and believe。
And、After that、We regret and blamed the girl for that、Can pregnant women take care with all the people of the village、
And、Owl is came to send a word that you do not kill absolutely in offspring。


ITA Thao on head


Getting cozy wind Pier.、Go to the ferry terminal.


Click here cruise ships take flight!


Gently undulating appearance with clouds of Vista.、Nature and relaxing the mind。


Boat time 20 minutes across the riverWater company Ferry PierTo and has arrived!


Water company Ferry PierThe Let's explore the oceanfront in front of me.


Sun Moon LakeUnique's products are、
Still the most famous Assam tea tea often is sold as.


Just、At lunchtime I went、
Sun Moon LakeIn I want to go to a popular local restaurant.

Sun Moon Lake ropeway

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

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Explore the old town in the Sun Moon Lake's ITA Thao on head! Recommend products Assam tea! "Sun Moon Restaurant" Local restaurant specialties of fresh fish popularity of the catch in the Sun Moon Lake!
Explore the old town in the Sun Moon Lake's ITA Thao on head! Recommend products Assam tea!
"Sun Moon Restaurant" Local restaurant specialties of fresh fish popularity of the catch in the Sun Moon Lake!


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