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"The LALU" Explore the area hotels in the " promenade tour " which will be held early in the morning



Green Lakes surrounded by mountains filled the gaping、
Sun Moon LakeThe lakeside resort nestled on the shores of "The LALU"In the、
Early in the morning 7:00From a free "Walking tour"Is recommended.


Located near the hotel "Han blue water trails"
Because it is a walking tour to discover approximately 1 hour、
Interested in you booking at the reception!


1 family and 1 group、1Hotel staffUs with a guide、
Will describe the background and history related to hotel points for every、
Small workout very, very good!


Japan to have to speak to our staff
Vincent HuangTook us! Xie Xie!


Strong sunlight Taiwan.、Relatively、Sun Moon LakeThe climate is comfortable、
Suitable for walking in the early morning、Often seen jogging, enjoying the sight.


Sun Moon LakeThe best season is March-may spring seems、
Visited July morning feeling good weather!


Around the Lake are shaded by trees、Breakfast is very good for、
The rain will cease and、Try being come experience the sunniest!


Sun Moon LakeThe Lake area is、"CNN"Under the umbrella of travel information site"CNN Go"In the、
"World 10 most scenic cycling"As a famous for being introduced、
Visitors from all over the world enjoy cycling!


Aboard rafts, fishing hunters。


Echoed the cry of cicada make the summer、Summer in the deep blue sky clouds。


Sun Moon LakeAnd the、In one of the three Taiwan tourist、Will be the largest fresh water Lake。
23.5 m、Elevation is 749 m、The beauty of the Lake show various shades of positive、
Attracts many people from home and abroad.


Former presidentChiang Kai-shekRest stops were available、
Provides, in several different places.


Sun Moon LakeThe、On the north side of the Lake (seen from the hotel on the right side) and the shape of the Sun、
On the South side (seen from the hotel on the left) from is that the shape of the MoonSun Moon LakeHas been called.


This is in fact the former PresidentChiang Kai-shekUsed boat。


Sun Moon LakeNow、1983Big event an annual event started in autumn "Sun Moon Lake competition"And、
The original is no swimming lake、Once a year during the tournament's next to "swimming ban.、
Participants are popular more than 20000 people.


Former presidentChiang Kai-shekViews were most favored resting place is great!


The small movement while exploring at your own pace、
Buffet-style breakfast and let's work up a good sweat.

Location:No. 142, Zhongxing Rd, Yuchi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan
TEL: 049-285-5311

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"The LALU" The beginning of the fantastic scenery and the fresh one day come and go "The LALU" Continental-style buffet breakfast while watching the Sun Moon Lake
"The LALU" The beginning of the fantastic scenery and the fresh one day come and go
"The LALU" Continental-style buffet breakfast while watching the Sun Moon Lake


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