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"The LALU" Visit in the evening in the world lakeside fantastic and extraordinary



Sun Moon LakeThe lakeside resort hotel nestled on the shores of
"The LALU"With its beautiful Blauer Himmel。


And at the moment becomes past 19 o'clock evening、Around wrapped in a blue sky over a stunning、
Echoing only the chirping of bird song and insect world of fantasy celebrates when you spread healing!


Also the drive during the day many cruise ships the sloshing waters、And the welcome evening、The surface of the water like a mirror of clouds and mountains、
And reflects the neon、Is there a quiet lake。


If it were lost in the watercolor medium like remember the illusion、Watching the movement of clouds、
But do not worry、It is just to visit the extraordinary world。


At the water、Fresh flowers in the morning、During the candle will replace the twilight、
Enjoy the atmosphere is even more fantastic!


Even the light in the room to a minimum、Candle swaying on the porch lights will feel the warmth。


After the turndown bed spaces。
There was a different firmness pillow、Clean and white sheets lie、
Likely to get a comfortable night's sleep.


That day and a different faceSun Moon LakeViews、Visit the quiet night。


Echoed cricket chirps、Comfort tone。


While feeling the breeze on the rooftop terrace、Look at the constantly changing landscape is recommended。


The old、Raft boats used for fishing。
Now objects to float alone on the Lake、Sorrow, giving。


Elegant lakeside sort hotel surrounded by nature。


Spend in the room quiet good、
Quietly flowing classical music on the 8th floor of A building with modern space "Lobby Bar"In the、
Cocktail, whiskey and other alcohol or engage in even better!

Lobby Bar A building 8th floor
Hours of operation:Day-Thursday:10:00To 22:00、Friday-Saturday:10:00-23:00
Extension number:6


In addition、Exclusive accommodation on the 8th floor, C building "Library"By providing、
Will be freely available。
Also、Books and CDs、DVD application in the front rooms can be rented free of charge.

library 8 floor, C building
Opening hours:8:00To 22:00


Including CDs, such as jazz and classical music and classic movie DVD's、
Art and architecture、Many design-related books、Has become a luxurious library。
Would be nice to enjoy your reading library wrapped in a luxurious!

Location:No. 142, Zhongxing Rd, Yuchi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan
TEL: 049-285-5311

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"The LALU" "Pool Side Tea House" Where the fragrant Taiwan tea and dim sum can enjoy "The LALU" The beginning of the fantastic scenery and the fresh one day come and go
"The LALU" "Pool Side Tea House" Where the fragrant Taiwan tea and dim sum can enjoy
"The LALU" The beginning of the fantastic scenery and the fresh one day come and go


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