"Wisteria Coffee Plantation" Photo session in the beautiful wisteria tunnel in full glory in fresh water area of Taiwan


In the freshwater area of new Taipei City of Taiwan every year March-April
Enjoy the Wistaria flower "Wisteria Coffee Plantation"Has been opened in 2011。
The flower within thousands square meters of various kinds of flowers and plants、
Are bustling with tourists.


Pay the entrance fee to the Park, let me enter。
Admission varies according to the season。
(100-200 TWD per person:Japan Yen about 360 to 720 yen)
Unlike Japan and Taiwan Wisteria flower varieties、Inflorescence is short is characteristic.


See photos、Photo! "and enjoy the photography back to Wisteria。
For this year was staying in Taiwan Japan cherry blossom time、I missed the cherry blossoms、
Vanessa KaoAndEagleOf thanks、Able to enjoy the flowers of Taiwan.


Inflorescence is short, but、Surrounded by a vivid mauve moment of bliss。
Vanessa KaoFor and matching scarf colours、It's so beautiful!


Nowadays with the figure shooting of Park、
Let stand various figures in the Wisteria trellis,、A photo session with the bluest of there on here!
Was see the troops to shoot during the cosplay real models!


Group photo with mauve OWL!


Wisteria Coffee PlantationFrom walking、Japan colonial buildings still remain and、
In the pond is a place to wander and good feelings.


Small cherry trees, it was、I have met in the Taiwan cherry。
With Taiwan people do love the flowers, and is.

Wisteria Coffee Plantation
Address:251 New Taipei City, Tamsui District, 屯山里石頭厝2-1號
Hours of operation:8:00To 18:00

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