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New open "N°168 PRIME Steakhouse dunhua store" aged meat steak lunch



TaipeiThe leading hotel in the Lake area in the developing
"Grand Victoria Hotel"In the
Popular restaurant "N°168 PRIME Steakhouse"、
DaanOf the area "Pacific SOGO Dunhua Museum"On the 7th floor as a sister store
"N°168 PRIME Steakhouse dunhua store"Has been opened。
Shop、A serene look.、For a luxurious space。
Utilizing the open kitchen in the middle of the Hall and spacious open feeling、
Underscoring its increased to cook in the oven、Lively show、
Enveloped in the smell of cooking meat、Making tantalizing live action is the same as the head office。
On this day、Grand Victoria HotelThe owner's daughter in
Valerie LuAnd my masterFrank L.H.HuangAlong with lunch.


A passion for JapanValerie LuAnd the、Grand Victoria HotelOf
We interviewed in our relationship、And we get along、
Brains gives off a brilliant aura she、Also whenever I see sparkles and shines!


First of all is in the sparkling wine toast.


The amuse、To put some smoked salmon & cream cheese egg roll
Able GA caviar cones、
Iberico ham and figs in balsamic vinegar will.


Valerie LuThe、9Age by gifted education in Singapore for 15 years, to grow、
While at the University and majoring in precision machinery in the Department of mechanical、Japan also had studied Japan Japanese is good。
Brother and sister who are family run hotel business、
Valerie LuThe promotional area is also responsible for、
She loves Japan、Japan several times a year on foot carrying、
Japan's top chefs and invite Taipei、Our hotel has succeeded in other collaborative events。
My masterFrank L.H.HuangWith dating、
And your opinion of her mother、Nice tall and handsome he is、His mother turned to makes sense、
And your marriage over your contacts、Surrounded by two angels in the current happy marriage life sent..!


My masterFrank L.H.HuangThe、JapanFor in fluent Japan language and from the University of Tokyo, graduate school of、
Manufacturer of fluid machine that has been Itonama from the grandfather of the era
"TA HONG MACCHINERY CO., LTD."That is served。
Though intelligent, handsome、Haseo full of kindnessFrankThe、
ValerieFor my beloved husband's a、2Also a good baby daddy。
FrankAlso camera hobby in、Love of my profession as a photography book to be published about.


lightly salted and dry aged milkfish, Chia seeds,
Sicila D.O.P. EVOO beetroot & pomelo vinaigrette, Ratatouille
Fried dry overnight Tainan milkfish,Australia Black Chia,
Sicily specialty cold virgin olive oil,Beetroot grapefruit sauce,Provencal stew

Carpaccio with rich umami with lightly salted the milkfish dry easing.、
Baby leaf salad and beetroot、And salad with edible flowers on display、
And will be in a vinaigrette sauce。
In vivid color, the eyes are also tasty.




The lunch set、From the WAGYU steak with 15 different
Choose one dish main dish、
Amuse、Appetizers (choice of 3 1)、Soup or salad、Dessert、Comes with a drink.



With STAUB and slow Braised onion Gratin soup of the oven finish、
Onion deep sweetness and a rich consomme soup is!


Light vegetable soup


Mushroom and poached egg salad


Vegetable plenty of Bagna Cauda


TWD 2100 (Japan Yen:JPY 7560)

Here you will、And using only the finest aged meats、Taken from the edge of the tenderloin is lean
Trapped gravy luxury fin meat Filet Mignon grilled by steel plate、
Finishing in the oven using the wood of Quercus acutissima、Raises an appetite to make wrapping scent。
Surface firmly cooked roasted、Overflow in the juicy gravy。
Salt、Mustard、Favorite fit in 3 species of Horseradish (horseradish) sauce。
Shut up the flavor of the meat steak、And the red wine sauce is also good.


Café de paris butter, Caramelized apple, homemade sausage
Kong fragrance oil、Pyroelectric sugar apple fruits、Own meat gut
- & 1980TWD (Japan Yen:Approximately ¥ 7130)

In ancient times, and roast the pork of the descendants of the wild pig that inhabits the Mediterranean Top Cap、
Flavor bursting with flavor、Guests can enjoy a sweet fat。
With hand-made sausages、3Mix the pork and、Naturel juice is a flavorful accent to finish!


Side dish
Potato、Tomato、Small dishes


Side dish
Mashed potatoes


Side dish
Whole grilled with garlic


fresh strawberry, custard, Strawberry ice cream
fresh strawberry、custard、Strawberry ice cream

You can choose from several different types of desserts。
And clontz、With pastry-croissants and donuts、
Is the overlapping layers like a mille-feuille pastry。
Served with Strawberry ice cream。
The gentle sweetness of the custard cream and crispy texture and a fresh Strawberry tart
If matching is delicious!


Mouth melt smooth souffle


Thick Apple Pie


Moist was the Gateau Chocolat



Atmosphere filled with calm and、While rich umami aged meat、
The pleasant fun to elegant steakhouse、
After shopping is recommended.


N ° 168 PRIME beef blade Museum dunhua store、Xie Xie! Landlord!

N°168 PRIME Steakhouse dunhua store
Address:No. 246, Section 1, Dunhua S Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City (SOGO Dunhua Museum, 7 F)
Hours of operation:Lunch 12:00-15:00、Saturday and Sunday 11:30-15:00
Dinner:18:00To 22:30、Saturday and Sunday 17:30To 22:30( L.O.21:30-

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New Open "N°168 PRIME Steakhouse dunhua store" Steak restaurants of aging meat "The Sherwood Taipei" Luxury full-course dinner served in Italian "TOSCANA"
New Open "N°168 PRIME Steakhouse dunhua store" Steak restaurants of aging meat
"The Sherwood Taipei" Luxury full-course dinner served in Italian "TOSCANA"


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