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Distillery tour "KAVALAN" Single malt whiskey of a miracle to be generated in the sub-tropical Taiwan



Single malt whisky are subtropical Taiwan miracle
"KAVALAN"、Located in the snowy mountains of Northeastern Taiwan down to the East
Ilan, Lanyang plainThe is the name of the indigenous people。
Kavaren whiskeyThe、TaiwanOfyilanIn the 2008 release of Taiwan's first single malt whisky!
High Priest Kavaren whiskey history is shallow.、Of TaiwanSubtropical climateUseful for early maturation of whisky、
From raw materials to manufacturing all within Taiwan that sticking to show、Buzz。
After the birth in just two years and won numerous awards all over the world、
And attention from all over the world miracle single malt whisky。
This time、This distillery Master Blender LavalIan ChangThe introduction to、
Brewery tour will be happy!
(* The Brewery tour free of charge)


"Silks Place Yilan"The front desk staff
Jack ChangTo you for transfer、
Kavaren whiskeyFor we have been doing in front of Convention Center。
The Brewery tour here will be accepted.


Entrance hall of the Convention Center filled to the ceiling height、
Followed by a marble floor、Spacious with more voices echoed.


Is this Brewery tour、FriendsRyohei HiedaFacebook and talked together, and join in!
PR ManagerNico LiuAnd Adminstrative AssistantCindy Chen
Assigned to the interpretationEmma NiniTo let happy greetings!
Emma NiniThe、At Fukuoka in Japan for 3 months.、I speak a little and learned Japan Japanese。
The Master Blender referred meIan ChangThe、
Unfortunately、And ended up in England as a steep、Was unable to meet。
If you someday would be greatly appreciated!


In the meeting room on the second floor of the Convention Center、Kavaren whiskeyTo operate
"King Car Group"of
To see our corporate video (about 18 minutes)、King Car GroupOf you can learn history。
King Car GroupThe drinks manufacturer founded in 1979, Taiwan's leading、
Sticking to bottled water and good water in coffee brand
"Mr. Brown Café"What we produce、
To drink are essential to people's lives、Continue to provide high-quality and reliable products。
Also、"Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co."And establish joint venture company、Manufacturing such as Pocari Sweat powder。
King Car GroupThe、Fully utilizing our know-how accumulated until today、
Water-richyilanOf using clear water and climate、
Have had success in the whisky making High Priest Kavaren is!

Car Group company (Japan version)


King Car GroupAbout after you've learned、Facility, and then to distillery!
The facility is very large、Overflowing with trees and grass、And the lush green grounds、
Pleasant area makes you feel good!


Used barrels giving art exhibits。
Taiwan artist is the authorHuang Yi-Sheng in、yilanThe beautiful landscape is depicted.


Whisky Aging Warehouse 1

No. 1 warehouse storing barley raw material for making whisky you will see!
Current、Barley is imported from the United Kingdom.


Recharring Area

On the inside of the barrel to make charcoal by intense heatCharringI hope、
In addition to again heat treatment to rejuvenate the kegs were used several timesRecharringReferred to as。
This generates sweet aged flavor compound vanillin and oak wood interior、
The carbide layer is also working to reduce the unripened incense、Affects big flavor。


By barrels、CharringOf different personality depending on how well whiskey。
One important arm of barrel heating on the burner is。
Is there through the glass、The smell of charcoal、Heat is transmitted to the glass burner heat much!


Whisky Distillely 1

Here is the entrance the Brewery tour!
Is this coverage for tour of your Center.、Normal、Free tours will be public.


Contains the barreled into the barrel,。
"R" is the "refill casks.、The "S" is "Sherry casks.、"B" is "Bourbon barrels.。


All casks are managed bar.


Imports from the United Kingdom and、You can compare the malt used by the High Priest Kavaren and not touching。


Because it smells different, such as、Let's smell!
With smoked malt is positive the Dew-Scented、This malt is not used by the High Priest Kavaren。


Yeast is original and has been manufacturing、It is with secret ingredients also manufacturing company。


All barrels are imported。


Exhibits in the clear bottles、Differences between cask and aging days is quite clear。
According to the from of a colorless gradually go to the left、Overlapping dates of maturity, amber whiskey、
Barrels per、Maturing every different taste and smell。
Winho (wine barrel), 2015、Amontillado (snow Rio tubs) has been awarded gold in 2016.


"And fine whisky、What is built in the cold region"Such as
Overturn the stereotypesKavaren whiskey
Very early ripening in subtropical Taiwan、Than the normal ripening period、Has successfully matured at approximately x close。
In the beginning,、"Not in the Taiwan fine whisky,"And you were buying many other。
However,、Kavaren whiskeyThe fits to the achievement in 2010, defies common sense!
Made in Scotland's whisky
"Burns Night"At the tasting contest
Fine won, starting with、
It is said the most prestigious whisky award in the worldWorld Whiskies Awards (World whisky Awards) in
Awarded the "best-rest-of-the-world, single malt whisky.。
Winning an award and then、Is growth and success to the miracle to garner attention from all over the world of whisky.


The pot stills (distillation)、Four were imported from the United Kingdom are equipped、
Is Lantern type shape。
In this size in one year 3 million book production is possible.


Prior to fermentation and fermentation after the difference can be seen。
Beer and the same process.、This process is the secret company.


This is made in Germany using (distillation).、And continuous distillation equipment。
On top、Alcohol concentrations obtained by using、
To inspect the degree of inspection instrumentSpirit safeEstablished、Has been managed.


Heat the mash、Cooling system for a liquid vaporized alcohol
Equipped capacitor。


After the distillation of whiskey's VAT click hereSpirit VatTo be sent、Then transferred to barrels、The aged。


On the fifth floor of the hotel、All barrels are kept and、The number of what! Contains 55, 8 million KEG barrels。
TaiwanThe earthquake-prone to、With barrels to store are stored vertically without sleep!
While glass、Wrapped in the scent of whiskey distillation plant。
The scent is!


After touring the distillery、Tasting time for the fun part!
Spirit Castle
The、1Tasting and sale shop has on the floor、
On the second floor、"Mr. Brown Café"of
The cafe features、It is possible to relax!


Tasting is a great success!
Kavaren whiskeyAnd is open seven days a week all year round、1Over the years has introduced 1 million visitors!!
And、Current、Kavaren whiskeyIs committed to 9 million bottles per year of production、
Are looking for whisky lovers from all over the world.


Each time he got staff announcements、
Before tastingKavaren whiskeyThe introduction to.


In the seat、9type, Whiskey of the sample is placed、You can enjoy the aroma。
Whisky tasting became in the two、Whiskey drink varies depending on the day.


This time the、1Was able to sample and 9。
20000 books in light pet type is a precious limited edition sold in limited editions have not arrived in Japan!
Another no.1、Won the 2010 introduced earlier at the tasting competition
Honey in the rich scent reminiscent of Phalaenopsis Orchid、Mango、PEAR、Vanilla、Coconut、Scent of chocolate、
Relieves alcohol stimuli in Mango flavor、I think that women can enjoy tasting。
I'd divide each person taste、1 is a hit with everyone taste.


Looking for a favorite fragrance、2type, Even by simply tasting the whiskey
Mood uplifting and、Guests can pamper themselves in the TIDDLY。
Taiwan inKavaren whiskeyThe exodus from the met that、Springing sudden interest in the whisky、
We enjoyed the deep flavor.


During the return of the Master BlenderIan ChangNot from、
We have a nice gift!-!-
High Priest Kavaren whiskey four
Pete oak、Cask、Bourbon Cack、ClassicEnjoy tasting set
"Ian Buxton 101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die"The is a valuable book 2。
Kavaren whiskeyOn the one hand、I think you want to read while studying English.


After enjoying a tasting、Kavaren whiskeyShopping in the shops that sell!


"The technology in Amontillado Sherry Kavalan Solist Malt the Strength Single for Single Cask Whisky" 2016 Gold Award
Sale price:8,000TWD (Japan Yen:About circle 28800)


In the shops、To buy big-ticket items
King Car GroupIn tea to sell in case will present a
There was a good service.


However,、On the trainTaipeiTo return to、And because so much luggage want to refuse、
Breakfast coffee voucher can be used in the hotel's Café.


Have a voucher、Immediately on the second floor "Mr. Brown Café"To!


Previous coupons、And the delicious original blend coffeeReplacementCan、
HiedaMr. could spend relaxing coffee break!


PR ManagerNico LiuAnd Adminstrative AssistantCindy Chen
Assigned to the interpretationEmma Nini
Thank you very much for your assistance! (Xie Xie! )
We have the Master BlenderIan Changis、
This city alsoyilanIn the greatKavaren whiskeyWe are looking forward to that!
All whisky lovers、
Right or wrong、To learn the whisky produced subtropical Taiwan miracle
Please look at legs carried.

Location:No.326, Sec. 2, Yuanshan Rd., Yuanshan Township, Yilan County
Hours of operation:Weekdays 9.:00To 18:00、On weekends and holidays 9.:00-19:00
(The lunar new year's Eve ~ 17:00-
Admission fees:Free

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