"Silks Place Yilan" Kids floor is paradise that is enjoyed by children and adults !

Eastern Taiwan's largest amusement spot
"Luna PlazaOrchid Crescent square"The sixth floor ~ located on the 11th floor
"Silks Place Yilan"。

Here in 2011、A mature concept from modern route
Focuses on kids ' families, renewal with change in、Now as a family-friendly hotel's big break!
Free hotel accommodation fee.In the game there is a chance that the "Everyone on the run"Even becomes a popular event。
Also、8-9th floorUNIQLOThe、And luxury car go kart circuit
"Fantasy Castle"The newly renovated as a children's playground;、
Children are very popular.


On the 6th floor of the hotel、SONYThe "Gran Turismo racing"Provides a hands-on booth、
Guests can enjoy free of charge is possible。
Race day、Qualifying、Final stage and is、Finalists and winners will be announced!
Play、How can you survive in this exciting race!


Hotel 8-9th floor became the UNIQLO、The entire floor has been replaced and circuit! (Surprise! )
As it cannot be thought the same hotel、Children are waiting for dream-like world.、
It is a lovely space is the laughter of children playing happily.


Is your family an explanation of the handling of electric vehicles。
How to drive started.、Includes a brief rule description、As well as children、Adults have listened to seriously.


Like car owners themselvesFrom、The electric motor vehicle、
Ferrari and Lamborghini、Porsche started.、Jaguar、A Benz and etc、
All sports!!
"There's no why MASERATI?"And、
Maserati enthusiastsAnd on behalf of the、Only 1 single was、
"Now、It is under repair."With that!
Small electric vehiclesMaseratiThe fragile is (laughs)
In an oddly convinced that interact with us!


It straddles the Ferrari、Discover the boy proudly run!
Electric car、Because only speed walking adult speed does not、Approximately3-about 4 kmIn a safe and。
Over here so forget that the hotel's indoor!


In the courtyard "Fantasy Castle"And there are children's playground was named、
It's like kids ' paradise! (Surprise! )
A huge slider、The original robot characterRainbowIt is!
Even the bee'sDoDoAnd transformed into a giant trampoline、
Certainly in good cheer kids is very cute!
Is also driving in the Central、So take car child driver's license and pass the exam!
Sparkling eyes is overflowing.、Echoes reach up to heaven in the children's carefree laughter、
And adults who enjoy trying to photograph children's growth、
Is a very nice space, heartily enjoying children and adults alike.


Rotating slide under the ball!


Giant robot-type slider!


Bee DoDo giant trampolines!


Marketing Communications ManagerMavis KuoAnd
The Marketing Communications Asst.ManagerAnnie Lin、To explain as you will find、
The front desk staffJack ChangTo get interpreters、
Thoughts do not easy to change the concept changes the UNIQLO we spend properly.


Disappointed surprise in an elaborate red Lamborghini、
Be driven by desire want to ride once on the body not weight limits (lol)
Not to feel hesitant to whom、Glass Windows up to scribble freely!
Get up to mischief at home cannot be allowed for this world.、For children who、Will be exactly what the dream world。
Silks Place YilanThe、Today is filled with many children smile.

In addition、Two floors are evolving、
2016In July, new facilities on the ground floor open to "Wow Wow Land"、
Rose people are powerups!

"Wow Wow land.、And parent/child space, guests can enjoy free of charge during your stay、
3Two themes available!

1One eye as a WOW SHOW、There was a theater of parents and children in 17 seats、
Day 13:30~、16:30~、20:00And with a running time of 3、
It aired a Disney movie and animation!

2One eye as a WOW BAR、Who made the cowboy themed bar is.、
Various soft drinks and snack foods, such as will be provided!

While you drink、
Playing in the game was set on the table "pirate" or "crocodile game"!

Enjoy the drawing monitor big-screen a colorful sketch!

Select the background of the photo album, shoot and "photobooth"、
Or print it out and、As well as children、It is a space to adult CHOW!

3One eye as "WOW LOFT.、On the stairs up to the upper floor、
Children's room in the attic like is spread.、You can freely play with toys provided by、
It is exactly what the world of dreams for kids is there!

Shining eyes and glitter、To the laughter of children echoed in the momentum it reached to heaven、
There were adults who enjoy trying to photograph children's growth、
It is a very nice space taxis from children to adults, enjoying!

Silks Place Yilan
Location:No.36, Sec. 2, Minquan Rd., Yilan City

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