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"Silks Place Yilan" Lunch and afternoon tea in the full light "The Lounge"



Eastern Taiwan's largest amusement spot
"Luna PlazaOrchid Crescent square"The sixth floor ~ located on the 11th floor
"Silks Place Yilan"The 6th floor lounge
"The Lounge"The、
In soothing natural light be poured、
All dining where you can enjoy snacks and afternoon tea.

The Lounge
Hours of operation:11:30-24:00


The bright natural light be poured、Relaxing at the sofa table space。
More relaxed and calm atmosphere。
During the day、There was a snack, such as Italian、In the afternoon an elegant afternoon tea set、
Night is music night menu provides.


There are shops to sell why bag to lounge at the back。
This represents a relationship between hotels and shopping malls、That would also be the same shop downstairs.


Marketing Communications ManagerMavis KuoAnd
The Marketing Communications Asst.ManagerAnnie LinAlong with the、
Japan-language interpreter at the front deskJack ChangTo ask、We arrived late for lunch.


Cute Annie Lin


Friendly Mavis Kuo


Honest Jack Chang


"Spaghetti with Seafood in Tomato Sauce (seafood spaghetti Napoli tomato sauce)
340 TWD (Japan Yen:About 1230 yen)

Shrimp and squid、Clam、Mussels,、The pasta with plenty of fresh seafood、
In a tomato sauce with seafood flavor
Must be accompanied by the scent of fresh basil.


Cherry Duck sandwich" 330 TWD (Japan Yen:About 1190 yen)

Luxury sandwich using of Yi-LAN Cherie duck、
In a club sandwich style、
Lightly toasted bread、Lettuce and tomato、Eggs in Ham、Cheeses and hearty!
Answer of eating there、This is a delicious sandwich filled with the flavor of the duck with crunchy lettuce diet!
French fries are served with tomato ketchup.


"British afternoon tea " 350TWD/1 people、680TWD/2 people
(Japan-Yen:Approximately 1, 260 yen per person、2,450Yen / 2 people)
Drink set

Guests can enjoy afternoon tea in the United Kingdom-、3Corrugated plate、
Fruit、Sandwich snacks、Dessert is served.


Cream puff、And macaroons


Served with smoked salmon


Watermelon、Grape、Such as guava


Latte Coffee




Fleschcuui juice


Speak a little JapanMavis KuoBut"One、Two、three、four"And the voice help!、
"four"The open mouth grins at a signal、
At that time her husband took photos! It is a nice idea! (Lol)
Be healed in the afternoon spend a quiet elegance and comfort.

The Lounge
Hours of operation:11:30-24:0

Silks Place Yilan
Location:No.36, Sec. 2, Minquan Rd., Yilan City

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"Silks Place Yilan" Sky Villa suite with hanging garden and a jacuzzi can enjoy! "Silks Place Yilan" Kids floor is paradise that is enjoyed by children and adults !
"Silks Place Yilan" Sky Villa suite with hanging garden and a jacuzzi can enjoy!
"Silks Place Yilan" Kids floor is paradise that is enjoyed by children and adults !


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