Surrounded by mountains and sea, River and natural to the beautiful town of Ilan City Library walk!


"Silks Place Yilan"For to ask the transportation by car、
Checking in to the hotel before easilyyilanThe will take the streets.


Silks Place YilanOf
Marketing Communications ManagerMavis KuoAnd
Reception staff speak JapanJack ChangThe Guide while、
yilanThe courting will feature!


Gentle Lanyang plain surrounded by mountains on three sides, has been formed as the CenteryilanThe、
Beautiful city surrounded by majestic mountains and the beautiful sea。
Clear water in the beautiful mountains、Blessed with hot springs、Full of rich nature、Agriculture has become a thriving, peaceful town、
It will be a scenic area where you can enjoy gourmet。
NaturalyilanNow、TaiwanBut to hear better duck "Cherry duck"The famous as famous、
Also、Single malt whisky in the world famous "KAVALAN"The plant is alsoyilanI have to。
This time the、Ilan County GovernmentThe location is、In the city centreIlan CityWe have arrived!
City is 3 km in diameter is within walking distance、School districts and historical cultural district is concentrated、Tourism is also useful。
Here "Yilan Museum"The、
The original is a former line building was built in 1949 to Taiwan Yilan branch of the Bank.、
To repair again and again while、Looks still retains its cultural colours as ruins,.


Ilan CityOf amusement spot "Luna PlazaOrchid Crescent square"。
Yilan stationFrom approximately a 10-minute walk from 6th floor of the location and within walking distance of ~ 11 floors、
This hotel "Silks Place Yilan"Next I。
For the hotel's main entrance would be on the other side、Around and around!


And in Taiwan the oldest wine factory、100Boasting years of history "Yilan Distillery"Now、
As a typical liquor、Made from riceOld red wineMainly manufactures.。
Wine making field、Converted from a warehouse koshien Orchid wine cultural Museum and the Taiwan red time Museum exhibition area and、
Has been selling original liquor、Know the flow of Japanese sake and wine culture、Shuki exhibition etc。
Also、Guests can enjoy historic buildings such as the ruins.
(Admission fee:Free)


Show excitement as the shopping streetZhongshan 3 Road The、In the heart of the city、
There are many snack shops in the downtown area of the best!


It is a kind of Chinese Dim Sum of Kaneko bun shop "Yilan earth bag Aberdeen"Open in new。
And the shops of Chinese in Japan。
Is the difference of all kinds about 20 species.、All1Pieces 10 TWD (Japan Yen:About 36 yen)In selling and、
"Buy 10 intake 1"In comes with a buy 10 get 1 free in!


"30Lemon Jade years old"Now、
And Taiwan suites, "lemon love jade Bing (lemon love ball jelly)"、
"passion fruit + Yakult" of two species are sold、
Various Cup 35 TWD (Japan Yen:About 130 yen)It is。
Perfect for the hot summer refreshing drink is.


Just、Smaller festivals have.、Came on a pilgrimage shrine!
Northern pipe bandBy playing an effigy。
Awareness of the North tube music in the typical classical performing arts in Taiwan handed down from ancient times
Doubles as a movement that aims to deepen further.


Shopping Center "King of the north gate green bean milk"The、Forms the long line!
Sautéed beans and sweet potato、Divided by the milk fruit drinks!


Traditional snacks in Taiwan meat assorted specialty stores "Garlic broth"Also in Yi-LAN special。
Boiled vegetable thick soup "Assorted meat"By putting the dish、They also include noodles with。
This is with a garlicAssorted meatIt is famous.


NaturalLAN Yang plainFlowYilan RiverIn facing the
"Yilan River Park"The、Boasts a peaceful atmosphere、
Silks Place YilanAlso located close to the、
Free rentalLocation of recommended cycling on a bike you will be!

Silks Place Yilan
Location:No.36, Sec. 2, Minquan Rd., Yilan City

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