From the forest department store opening 80 to department store reborn as years!


"Hayashi Department Store"、
Executives from Yamaguchi Prefecture on the Japan rule age 12/5/1932
Hayashi HoichiisTainanThe is a department store in Japan founded。
Hayashi Department StoreThe architect's architect born in Ishikawa PrefectureUmezawa StejiroResponsible for、6Erected a modern department store floors。
During the Pacific warHayashi Department StoreHas received the U.S. air strikes because it was in the heart of the city、Going out of business after the war。
After that、1998Certified city fixed artifacts in the year 6/26、Tainan City and the Ministry of culture start repair work from 2010、
About 80 million units over the Bay from the repair work、2013Will be completed in January。
The 7/2013 was carried out by one southern city affairs management business management management company offering
Fashion FOCUS of Tainan City, which operates ' high blue development co. Ltd. "and get the contract management rights、
Since its establishment 80 years years、2014On June 14, a new "Hayashi Department Store"As a reborn。
From retro and modern atmosphere has become one of the tourist attractions、I still loved by many peopleHayashi Department Store
Popular is beautiful and brightly lit at night.


The antique lamp with colorful checkered floor、
Create the impression of soft Woody atmosphere、
Dial-TV and sofa、Antique furniture such as Gramophone's place、
Makes you feel warm and the nostalgia hotel。
The first floor also said that the Department store's face、
Placing and specialty products of Taiwan, Taiwan tea and sweets, are sold.


Interpreter and guide forJames Tsai,
TainanIn the famous sweets and、1871Founded and established "Wanchuan number cake shop"The incense mochi (rice cake stacking) told me about!
Shin's round、"Hayashi"And the original department store will be marked incense mochi (rice cake stacking)。
Incense mochi (rice cake stacking)、Become pregnant, postpartum nutrition!
While became a hollow、Easy to crack、Is inside me thin wrapping brown sugar。
Is a very earthy flavor.


Spacious place!


The gramophone is the atmosphere!


Retro-modern furniture and TV!


Golden Needle-classic floor display boards are pretty gorgeous elevator。
At that time、Most stir is that this elevator!
Hayashi Department StoreThe、As one of the buildings in southern Taiwan, and introduced the modern lift facilities、
The flight crew and an elevator girl、Great buzz、
At that time people、"Ride the elevator of Hayashi department store"That is the Act of、
As if as an of-the-art fashionable leisure activity had settled it!


Shows the year was founded on the elevator floor tiles。


In the elevator arrived to the top floor and 5th floor!
This is leading to the spacious roof terrace and floor.、Will vantage point restaurants。
Oden shop operates stores based in Kaohsiung "Ooteyaki"。
Good taste of shop decorated with Daihatsu three wheeled car trackmizett taste to it.


On the walls of the restaurant、And left numerous traces of VLCC or machine-gun bullet holes、
The scars of World War II sticks painfully in the chest。


On the wooden counter, to old-fashioned nostalgia、
Junmai daiginjo sake cases and reuse in the Chair、Atmosphere。
"Ooteyaki"Now、Becomes a place where Oden Tavern!


Another 1 stores with Western-style restaurant "cocorico"And、
In the terrace、You can use tee while feeling the wind on the roof!


A classic style restaurant "cocorico"Now、
To provide in a iron skillet steak set started.、And old fashioned Parfait、
Is also the takeout, such as ice cream.


And up to the sixth floor of the roof、Open space is spread.、
TainanThe warm blue sky and city views!


Objet's standing quietly as the pipe、
Beds were used for post-war air defense arms: gun shooting。


Equipped with retro post、
Hayashi Department StoreThe original post card to purchase、Can you post!


Located on the 6th floor、Small souvenir shop "HAYASHI Shop"And、
Here you will、Hayashi Department StoreOf Taiwan goods and goods are sold.


At that time、6Shrine was visited only on the floor "Suehirosha"And、
Was worshipped as the primary deities of the industry。


At that time was not open to the public、
Renewal opportunity open to public、Many people carry the feet to worship。
Becomes the only rooftop shrine in existing commercial buildings in Taiwan.


The jutting out from the rooftop elevator penthouse、Appearance is an octagonal Observatory of、
Shrines and are connected by a bridge arch。
Originally functioning as the elevator shafts and machine room、
From this mechanism works in an elevator shaft inside the look。


Recommend something like that plunges you into old ageHayashi Department Store
Tainan ancient capitalOf there valuable buildings can learn more with the history。
TainanTo look at carrying the feet come to visit!

Hayashi Department Store
Location:No. 63, Section 2, Zhongyi Rd, West Central District, Tainan City
Hours of operation:11:00To 22:00
Closed on Mondays:Seven days a week

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