Renovation of the old houses "Shennong Street" Old streets where you can enjoy stylish cafes and art galleries


TainanOfShennong StreetThe、Japan during the colonial period "Peishih Street"As Taiwan's first trade college town was called、
It is over 200 years old and houses often save old historic city。
"Shennong Street"That is the name、Located at the end of the street "Pharmaceutical Temple Tainan"In、
Shennong pharmaceutical God enshrined that derives from the。
Of the bustling main streetHoi On RoadFrom step into、Narrow alleys about 300 meters in lengthShennong StreetAnd will be。
This pathway is used、Port KlangThe canals have been used。
Getting play, such as a revival of a nostalgic atmosphere.、
Today's trendiest cafes and art galleries、It will be popular to young people, including grocery stores!


Shennong StreetThe became the origin of the name "Pharmaceutical Temple Tainan"。
"Pharmaceutical Temple Tainan"The、1685Erected in the year、Medicine is dedicated to the King Emperor (Emperor Shen Nung)。
King Charles the great、Known as Shennong emperor or bountiful late Emperor、
Licking every grass is doing research on medicinal plants、
Shen Nong Materia Medica Sutra wrote about the medicinal and poisonous plants、Known as the Bible of Chinese herbal medicine。
In the guardian god of health and medicine、Also、Taught people agriculture is revered as the guardian god of agriculture.


Gallery and guest house "Muzi B&B"。
Has renovated the old House、1On the floor is the art gallery、2Guest House to be on the floor、
Decorated with natural driftwood, wood frame photo、Line of handmade goods.

Muzi B&B
Address:No. 145, Shennong St, West Central District, Tainan City
TEL:+886 972 922 632
Hours of operation:14:00-20:00
Closed on Mondays:Seven days a week


A hundred flip coffee café
"Do Right Coffee&Green Kitchen"。
Curry spices with the abundance and Baird beer are also available.

Do Right Coffee&Green Kitchen
Address:No. 144, Shennong St, West Central District, Tainan City
TEL:+886 926 680 660
Hours of operation:11:00To 22:00
Closed on Mondays:Moon、On Tuesday


Cat Cafe "Fat Cat Story-The open 6/1/2011。
Cat goods from grocery & Cafe、A simple home-made cakes and meat balls chocolate is popular!
In the shop、Enjoy time with cats、Spend a relaxing time!

Fat Cat Story-
Address:-South City-South City Nakanishi, Shennong city 135 No.
TEL:+886 6 220 5688
Hours of operation:14:00To 22:00
Closed on Mondays:Seven days a week


Traditional wood carving a medieval shrines workshop "Yongchuan great Faw crafts"The、
In the 15 Chinese Cultural Arts Heritage Award Award winnerWangWho has conducted、
NHK "World friendship Street (Tainan ed.)"Even becomes a Studio was picked up。
Aromas of the wood workshop。
To decorated with traditional craftsmanship to Mikoshi ornament sculpture
Prior to showed.

Yongchuan great Faw crafts
Address:No. 49, Shennong St, West Central District, Tainan City
Hours of operation:8:00To 18:00
Closed on Mondays:Sunday


Art Gallery "horcrux belly black healing room"。
To build your own graphic design
Working with a distinctive touch of handwriting ink art creator2 JunAnd I'm in Gallery!

horcrux belly black healing room
Address:No. 115, Shennong St, West Central District, Tainan City


Ice Cafe "Bored Wolf Ice"。
Nostalgia while picking up the flavor and then lands ice and ice、
And opened a small stall in the shop、Sales of the popular character Macaron ice cream!
Restaurant on the first floor and second floor seat provides.

Bored Wolf Ice
Address:No. 108, Shennong St, West Central District, Tainan City
TEL:+886 6 221 8798
Hours of operation
March-Thursday:13:00To 22:00、Friday:13:00-23:00
Saturday:11:00-23:00、Sunday:11:00To 22:00
Closed on Mondays:Seven days a week


Shennong StreetThe Cafe is on the corner of the intersection "TAIKOO Cafe"。
Serving homemade muffins, sandwiches and coffee or tea。
In the store can be considered a precursor of the Shen Nong district renovation、
Bar "TAIKOO Department"、Interior furniture shop "TAIKOO furniture"And part of a shop!

Address:No. 101, Shennong St, West Central District, Tainan City
TEL:+886 6 221 7800
Hours of operation
March-Thursday:13:00To 22:30、Friday:13:00-24:00
Saturday:12:00-25:00、Sunday:12:00To 22:30


Intersection of Shennong, music venues and


Just newly opened "Curry Shop Friday"。
Is a specialty of curry based on Kyushu Kumamoto Grandma's recipe。
Katsu Curry on Curry and rice-based、
Fried chicken and cheese croquettes、Provided with the set meal including fried shrimp topped!

Address:No. 93, Shennong St, West Central District, Tainan City
TEL:+886 6 221 8161
Closed on Mondays:Monday金曜日-咖哩專門店-1678332725718656/


"Tasteless Sai"And the House was written。
A livelyShennong StreetOf the city、Occasionally there are houses like this!


Shennong StreetOn the small beads "Tainan Jinhua Temple"。
Shennong StreetOnce "Peishih Street"And the Temple have been watching since I was called history of Shen Nong district and will be!


Engaged in goods production and character design "ARANZI ARONZO"That
Hotel Company of Japan began "Aranzi Hotel"。
The first floor is open cafe "Aranzi Cafe"And it features、
Room wall Mono、The rabbit room、"Kappa's room.、"Panda's room and four-room only next door.、
Character like in a hotel would be unbearable ♪

Aranzi Hotel
Address:No. 72, Shennong St, West Central District, Tainan City
Check-in / check-out:15:00-12:00


"Tainan Street Station"The、In order to educate the city's culture and history、
The Studio was created by a University Professor is。
Or publish a publication、Workshops are held on a regular basis。


Particularly eye-catching and colorful "Ci Lang Xuan"Now、A Tarot Reading can。
Little wonder the restaurant included、The charming shopsShennong Street
Would like to fool around with、You might walk and walking around the narrow 300 m。
James Tsai who has charge of the interpreter and guide、Thank you very much! Xie Xie!

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