Tainan Port Klang "Sai Kau Kin Old House" Guest house was renovated old house dating back 119 years


TainanThe old cityXinyi cityThe、Lined with old houses are reminiscent of Kyoto Machiya atmosphere、
There is a back alley feel nostalgic and warm。
Click hereXinyi cityOfPort KlangThe interpreters and guides have been handled by me
James TsaiGuest House engaged will be、
Immediately、We have you visited!


Democratic National Front 14 years 1897, revival and renovation、
Old houses for one group one lending to house "Sai Kau Kin Old House"。
While leaving the atomosphere of the 119-year-old history、Environmentally friendly and arranged for、
And stay in safe and clean is safe。
By booking on the Internet、OwnerJames TsaiDoes Japan speak for、
Communication is easier to take, it is useful!

Sai Kau Kin Old House
Address:No. 3, Xinyi St, West Central District, Tainan City,
TEL:+886 931 820 552


Guest House、The ownerJames TsaiGiving primarily design、
Their request and are。
Spend on RC structure on the first floor and living room open so。
So that is the minimum needed to live、
TainanLocal life will be accomplished if you want the best private Guest House.


Of the ownerJames TsaiThe、While the photographer is our core business、
This guest house "Sai Kau Kin Old House"Also operated。
Renovating home born and raised, and play、Is breathing life into the revival in the form of guest house。
Within a short walk、Trendy city spot for young peopleShennong StreetAlso there for、
Long-stay relaxed and referred to as many may be revisited。
TainanThe favorite cityJames TsaiThe、
Many of you thisTainanTo visit the、1Even as many peopleTainanFor it will know the goodness and、
Get ready to welcome tourists and try、
Has been working every day!


And leave the wall at that time part of the wall in the White、
Netherlands、From the precious brick wall has gone through during the occupation of Japan、
This old House have spentTainanOf you can feel the history.


On the stucco wall、Autographs of prominent people who stayed in the Guest House on the Memorial is now obsolete.


During the、Taiwan singer has been active in Japan "Hitoto Yo"Ms
Your sister has been active as a stage actress and essayist "Hitoto Tae"And it's had to sign up!


"My Tainan - Journey to meet in "True of Taiwan""And is entitled、
"Hitoto Tae" Guidebook was written is placed。
She died when parents andHitoto YoFacebook and cherish the memories in the country in the family of four spent together、
RevisitedTainanThe local information!
From the local soul food tour City of gastronomy to the stylish suites、
People deeply personal and friendly touch、While visiting the history and culture、With all my heartTainanThe warmth to the present。
"Hitoto Tae"TainanTo the enthusiasm though is the one handed down!


In the back of the living room、In the small kitchen space、Toilet and shower room。
In the kitchen、There was a refrigerator and drinking water、Electric Kettle and microwave、Tableware becomes complete.、
Us, warm the food purchased at markets and street stalls, including possible!
(Note:No cooking utensils)


Remove their shoes at stairs、2Visit the bedrooms, stairs。
Stairs is hard for、Coffee and Rails take care and let's go!


Go up the stairs and、1There's small living room sofa loveseat was established.、
Is poured natural light and bright!


Bed space


Single duvet


Tatami-room in the attic


Around the House here is old.、Port KlangIn were the canals。
At that time、That was hauling manure fertilizer、"Sai Kau Kin Old House"And it is named。
And the goodness of the old capitalTainanFor to know history and background、
Dare、So named.James TsaiThe kindness is conveyed.


And after guest houses、Xinyi cityFromShennong StreetTo explore the。
Gentle air flow.、Walking with chirahora interesting shops!
Here "Life Swap Shop"The workshop。
Has held various field events、
During the penguins were placed on store shelves are adds basket、

Life Swap Shop
Address:No. 32, Lane 148, Section 3, Minzu Rd, West Central District, Tainan City
TEL:+886 970 229 385


The name "」という字は「ムー」という発音で
The ownerDuckLet's seeWood」が大好きであるということと
Previous、2013With one lap to Taiwan over the month and day of about one year、Due out in the travel trailer out soup、
"Move"The pronunciation, it is named。
Mind engaged in friendly owners warm、Almost gone stiff taste of red bean (azuki) Suites hotel!

Address:No. 35, Lane 148, Section 3, Minzu Rd, West Central District, Tainan City
Hours of operation:14:00To 18:00
Closed on Mondays:Moon、Fire、Water

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