Tour the "TOMO'S FARM" of organic vegetables that are made with organically grown "Enegy House Agricultural Cooperatives"



"Confucians"Theme"Confucius Temple"The image、
The coexistence of old and modern design has been applied
"Silks Place Tainan"。
TainanOf the district in Nakanishi、Become a useful place to visit tourist attractions and shopping、
Department Store "Shin Kong Mitsukoshi"Or is the hotel next to the commercial area.


On this day、Was indebted to the night "Enegy House Agricultural Cooperatives"of
The owner farmerTomo LinIs it the farm "TOMO's FARM"To carry the foot、
We will transfer by taxi.

Marketing & Communications ManagerAriel YaoAnd
The new Office staffIvan WuAnd accompany you to the farm、Us ♪ (Xie Xie!)


Silks Place TainanFrom the North and、By car staying for about an hour、Farm "TOMO's FARM"That is。
On the way、TainanThe drive while listening, history and culture.


Run the car and starts spreading the landscape around a pond on one side.


TainanOf organic farming in the fertile、Organic vegetables are grown
"Enegy House Agricultural Cooperatives"The arrived to the workplace.


With the sound of energeticTomo LinWith both greeted me、
TomoIs it the Shiba dogMarukoChan!


International people.、Features a beautiful dogMarukoChan。
TomoMr. a、Big Dogs like the one of eight cats and live with two cats.


Eyes are cowardly, peeked in quietly in a cage、NiuNiuChan!


Go field by staff early in the morning, and harvest vegetables、
After that、Works with vegetable dye in unison、And packing restaurants and department stores are busy working with them!


"Healthy vegetable life (safe and healthy fruits and vegetables)"And written in Japan package。
Packaged vegetables hits supermarkets and department stores.


Will be showing the freshly picked vegetables!


Turnips, Arugula、The Uzumaki beets and tomatoes、
SolidCan feel the flavor of the vegetables and strong taste very delicious organic vegetables!
Feel the intensity of the lush foliage and crispy freshness stems、
Claimed to taste vegetables!


TomoIs it the farm、Currently more than approximately 20 species of tomato varieties alone has grown。
Green calyx is warping up upwards to Cup is a sign of freshness!
Through Peel tomatoes so ready to be popped、
That ass heart out behind a radial muscle are sweet and tasty。
Delicious tomato is sinking into water!
TomoIs of very high Brix produce tomatoes 8-10 degrees and、Sweet and juicy!
From the sweet、Helpful hands stretch and。
In the form like the tomato flavor is!


Arugula variety also has three、Fragrance and flavor、Spicy etc、
Guests can enjoy a taste of three three different!


TomoAnd it's sister expands in Taipei's Daan
Processed meat Shoppe "mangiamo good meats"For me to taste prosciutto!
Ham and sausage、Bacon、Just the'm glad products are sold on sake, pickles etc。
Fat melting on the bottom、Motivating the appetite like salty、Delicious ham as you enjoy the scent。
TomoAnd I eat Arugula make fit、It is double the taste!


Every morning、So enjoy the roast freshly ground, freshly brewed coffeeTomoSan。
So the coffee lover'sTomoMr. from、
Whats the high mountain tea coffee beans of wild varieties of India and Cedar River ♪ (Xie Xie!)


Guide to field、1January-February peak has passed for type are limited、
Lovely edible flowers that bloom NAS Tatum are planted on one side.


In the bright yellow petals、And similar to the Lotus leaves.、The round and cute nastatium、
Both flowers and leaves are used as Elle (eat flowers)。
Easy to eat with a soft taste、Wasabi vegetables like the taste、May and slightly pungent.




Only a small portion of the vast field and show、
Lettuce, turnip、Arugula、Swiss chard、Fennel、As Uzumaki beets、
Grow up to lush green scenery.


Workers work。
Create organic vegetables, organic plant fertilizer is used.


Supplying organic vegetables grown
"Enegy House Agricultural Cooperatives"The owner farmerTomo LinAnd (51 years old),、
Engaged in trade and commerce between the food in、
To love your wife's health "Vegetables delicious, safe"Referred to as goal started farm。
Now, 160-180 rare varieties of vegetables, including、Manages a vast five-field、
TomoIs it of vegetables throughout the year various brought by love is filled with natural farming。
Taiwan's leading hotels and restaurants、Also、And major department stores, including supplying vegetables。
"Beautiful winter garden.、Also coming soon。"And speakTomoSan。
Well next time I visit、I wish you helped with the harvest.

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