"Silks Place Tainan" Women GM hotel is full of delicate and hospitality!


Rooted in the local、Along with the local "Coexistence and co-prosperity"Aims and principles、
In this age-old history and
Incorporating learning throughout the space culture "Confucians"Theme、
"Confucius Temple"The image、
The coexistence of old and modern design that made "Silks Place Tainan"。
"FIH Regent Group"To run five-star hotel and will、
Opening up in 2014、Attracting a big buzz.


"Mandarin Duck / Hung Yi"

On the hotel front door approach、Is the soothing green of trees alley.、Relaxing walks。
A prominent artist in Taichung TaiwanHung YiAnd it's works "Mandarin Duck"Decorated、
Catchy, colorful designs are characterized by unique public art pieces is watched.


In the premises、BMW's electric car battery charge available
Is equipped with the charging station!


Bike rental is 8.、Morning 7.:00-Night 23:00To the loan。
For the first 2 hoursFree rentalNext、2After hours30Minutes every 30 TWD (Japan Yen:110Yen)But it takes。
You can enjoy sightseeing while Tainan ancient capital city cycling、
Sights "Confucius Temple' , 'Fort Provintia"、"Forest Department"Such as、
You can over the ruins scattered around the city.


As a service to the guests、Tourist maps of the surrounding area provides、
Japan-English、English version、Very convenient because the Chinese version。
Nearby attractions including.、Cafés and restaurants、Gallery、It covers everything about、
Press the stamp on the map at the Concierge counter、
In each shopDiscountNext course is recommended.


Silks Place TainanThe、
Department Store "Shin Kong Mitsukoshi"And is adjacent to the commercial area、Shopping is convenient!


There are high ceilings and sense of freedom、The dignified entrance lobby、
Coexistence of contemporary and old age is seen、And using the design of the Nan South wind (Taiwan-style)、It combines elements of Western and Chinese。
O-Daiko also contains the symmetry on both sides、
"Confucius Temple"The drums used in the Confucius birthday ceremony takes place when the same are located。
The o-Daiko to a guest [Welcome] Means。
Soft natural light stretching from the watermark Kido bespoke image of doors of the private schools、
From the modern and luxury space、Feel the taste of calming mind somewhere!


Has been working as the General Manager of the hotel
Female General ManagerRebecca LeeMe go to say hello! (Xie Xie! )
Rebecca LeeThe、Thing from the appointed as General Manager、
And that before a busy evening schedule、Don't want to waste even in commuting time and、
Open from 2 yearsIn between and have been staying in hotel、It was uchideshi in daily business! (Surprise! )
Though! I so agree!
Because there is that constant effort、Also、Because the female manager、
Think of offering personalised attention service.


シルクスプレイス台南のGeneral Manager李靖文(Rebecca Lee)プロフィール

Doctor of Business Administration, Macau University of Science and Technology
Executive Master of Business Administration, National Chengchi University
Executive Master of Business Administration, Fudan University
CESAR RITZ, Hotel Consult SHCC, Switzerland
Department of English, National Kaohsiung Normal University

General Manager of 85 Sky Tower Hotel
Associate General Manager of Human Resources of Regent Hotel & Resorts

General Manager of Silks Place Tainan
Advisory Board of HTMi Hotel School, Switzerland

Silks Place TainanOf the General ManagerRebecca LeeWith photo!
That is a kick、The thing with us taking the time so can talk in the bar after the dinner of the day。
A nice bar by the pool "Glass House"The、We will introduce later.

Silks Place Tainan
Location:No. 1, Heyi Rd, West Central District, Tainan City
TEL:+886 6 213 6290

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