"Silks Place Tainan" Zen style modern Junior Family Suite !


Along with the local "Coexistence and co-prosperity"Aims and principles、
TainanThe cultural element of ancient history and science into space throughout、
"Confucians"Theme"Confucius Temple"The image、
The coexistence of old and modern design that made "Silks Place Tainan"。
Have 255 guest rooms of the 14-storey hotel、5Floor-11th floor became the standard floor、
12 and 14 floors upstairs are "Silks Floor"And will be referred to a special floor。
This time、The rooms become indebted、9920, Bldg. "Junior Family Suite" Is!


"Junior Family Suite"

"Junior Family Suite"The、52.9M² (16 Pyeong) and open up the pride、
Hardwood floors clean by、Available room in the window welcoming small diagonal。
Rooms are simple and stylish design based on、Even while incorporating the Nan South wind art to fine、
"Zen"The image of Japanese modern style、I feel relaxed and cozy.


The front desk staffHiroki KobayashiIs it and、
Office ManagerKaren Lin、The new Office staffIvan Wu
Marketing & Communications ManagerAriel YaoPlease guide in the room!


In the living room、Based on the light grey tones
With one seat sofa in landscape sofa and table set、Accented with red cushion。
Welcome fruit and replenish the Taiwan fresh fruit every day、There is also a morning service。
Bring a used floor stands in the soft light on both sides、And provides a relaxed atmosphere!


Dining with the workspace、And provide a minibar、
Let me feel the depth using a mirror wall。
Long table and 2 chairs for small stool、A little work can be useful。
Design stool here "Confucius Temple"The image of a roof, made of Materia、Curl sick is individuality。
In the orange box made of rattan table、And hotel guide
TaiwanThe included tourist guidebooks, such as、You might look through the。
"Confucian"Brush-style image of the object is the point!


Complimentary minibar that includes original mineral water pet bottles、
Cute label represents the atmosphere of the South、Flat, slim shape, and、Oddity.。
The new Office staffIvan WuIs explained.、
During their outing、Mineral water in the bag easy to carry to、It is provided in this size。
Certainly、Round plastic bottles more than a slim and easy to hold, I felt useful to carry!
Number of staff and four、Can ask the State attention to detail!


Full mini bar、


The drinks in the fridgeIt's all free!
Safety deposit box too!


And hotel guide
Such as the Taiwan guide book!


The open closet、Providing a wooden hangers with soft cushion hanger、
On the top shelf、Preliminary cleaning, the packaging comprises。
Indoor slippers, shoehorn、Shoe brush、Laundry bags are provided.


Wall-mounted televisions equipped with 40-inch LCD TV、
Japan language representation provides a welcome message for Japanese guests。
And built-in multimedia control panel、Free movies are also available freely。
In all the hotel、And free Wi-Fi、Not interfere in the business!


The living room and bedroom、Opening and closing can be with transparent sliding partitions、
Keep it doesn't feel as personal space.


Get cozy in the spacious King-size bed sleep。
Bed head at Wi-pendant light、Evening reading time is available。
To the bedside、Phone、Notepad、Remote control、Master power supply Panel、Tissue、Alarm clock、And provide an electrical outlet、
Air temperature adjustment is also possible in the Interior a pleasant stay!


Is the pendant light with image brush to the bedside、
Combination of simple stylish modern and Zen-style matches.


Space of three tatami mats、The sum of the small rose window with views for modern living room。
In one's eyes、Spread fresh green of trees lined the road along the Japanese mind。
Perched on a Chair、Tea while enjoying the expansive views are available.


Bamboo motif objects!


The scrolls have various verses!


The approach streets and hotels!


Chic bathroom marble was facing the window and、Capture bright natural light and pleasant space。
Clean and spacious、And the adults put in two good size、
Orientation is designed to be easy to bathe in the alignment.


Powder room offers twin basins、Suitable for families、
Toiletries and bath item、Towels size、Number is equipped with。
Also women's double-sided makeup mirror installed on the left side、The makeup simple and functional!
Sliding glass doors filled with openness to independent shower room and toilet facilities。
All rooms have bathtub and are equipped with a bidet.


Of the original amenities
Ceramic SOAP is wonderful!


Shuu ranSpa bath item!
Tropical Magnolia scent!


Flavorful all-purpose herb
Herb bath salts!


Health meter!


Environmentalists Sue messenge card!


Thick, absorbent bathrobe!


TainanOf feeling a gentle climate、Relax in the modern and stylish rooms。
Even families with small children、Spend leisurely even for couples
Spacious "Junior Family SuiteIt will be "♪

Silks Place Tainan
Location:No. 1, Heyi Rd, West Central District, Tainan City
TEL:+886 6 213 6290

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