"Silks Place Tainan" Hotel to coexist with modern on the theme of the history and culture of old age


TainanThe、And in the ancient city formerly prospered as the center of Taiwan、"Kyoto of Taiwan"Even if known、
The city exists tells the history and culture of various ruins and cultural relics。
From the tasteful atmosphere、Is very popular as a tourist destination、The city is known, both domestic。
This time、Such a thingTainanToladeThe first landing was!
Thank you hotel "Silks Place Tainan"The、
"FIH Regent Group"To run five-star hotel and will、
Opening up in 2014、Attracting a big buzz。
TainanOf the district in Nakanishi、Become a useful place to visit tourist attractions and shopping、
Department Store "Shin Kong Mitsukoshi"Or is the hotel next to the commercial area.


Silks Place TainanThe、Rooted in the local、
Along with the local "Coexistence and co-prosperity"Aims and principles、
Incorporating this age-old history and learning throughout the space culture、
"Confucians"Theme"Confucius Temple"The image、
Decorated with the coexistence of old and modern design.


Upon arrival to the hotel、Greeted by a fluent Japan language staff.That was! Xie Xie landlord!
From the right、Adorable VIP Service ManagerMei Huang
In the innocent mood-maker of Office ManagerKaren Lin
In the handsome young man new Office staffIvan Wu
To be surprised、For the above three speaks very fluent Japan language、For conversations that spring is all done without problems in Japan、
Got a very strange feeling (laughs)
Marketing & Communications ManagerAriel YaoThe response in English and、
Kindly understand women like you and me talking, politely Angel!
Your smile is very nice、Heal tired!


There are high ceilings and sense of freedom、The dignified entrance lobby、
Coexistence of contemporary and old age is seen、And using the design of the Nan South wind (Taiwan-style)、It combines elements of Western and Chinese。
O-Daiko also contains the symmetry on both sides、
"Confucius Temple"The drums used in the Confucius birthday ceremony takes place when the same are located。
The o-Daiko to a guest [Welcome] Means。
Soft natural light stretching from the watermark Kido bespoke image of doors of the private schools、
From the modern and luxury space、Feel the taste of calming mind somewhere!




The showy flowers in the entrance lobby、Change its appearance on a regular basis and will be delighted to welcome。
Silks Place TainanFlower arrangement forces-is made in order that is being initialized、
Decorated with colorful flower arrangements everywhere、Daily care is thorough.


Silks Place TainanThe only staff that come in
Hiroki KobayashiLet's us go to say hello!
KobayashiAnd it is born in Hokkaido.、TainanIn was in love with the warmth of the culture and people、Emigrated with prayer。
NowSilks Place TainanThe front office has been in charge.


Beside the reception counter、As a place for socializing and the tea culture of the East and the West
"T Bar"By providing、
Seasonal organic Chinese teas & United Kingdom style tea and Alishan Mountain coffee、
Serving desserts。
Are available by appointment or meeting.

T Bar
Hours of operation:10:00To 22:00
TEL:+886 6 390 3025


"T Bar"The next to the front desk and the Concierge counter seating、
Check-in at the front desk、
Japanese、English、For staff who can speak Chinese and are manned by、
Don't worry about the language.


Smile staff nice and beautifulYoYoWas welcomed with a refreshing smile!


A welcome drink、Cold "Winter melon tea"。
Besides lowering blood sugar and blood pressure、Detoxification may、
Also、Is the effect of heat.、Is body-friendly sweet tea。
TainanThe belong to the subtropical climate affected by seasonal winds and、The average annual temperature is 24 degrees Celsius and higher for、
And seemed to cool off in the heat of the air flushed body、TainanOnly the spirit of hospitality is。
In addition、Warm homemade pottery、Uses hand-made glass of 1人1人 staff photographer、
Are included in the minds of staff and hospitality。
"Bí is very warm, gentle personality."And I have been listening to rumors、
In a number of early check-in from meet and greet、I was greeted by the warmth、
As soon as I felt comfortable it is!


While the porters to carry the luggage、To the elevator。
Have 255 guest rooms of the 14-storey hotel、5Floor-11th floor became the standard floor、
12 and 14 floors upstairs are "Silks Floor"And will be referred to a special floor。
This room is on the 9th floor of the standard floor.


9th floor elevator Hall

Spacious elevator Hall。
With knees and hips of the burden hard to hang carpet feet、
Consistent in shades of natural tea、I feel restless.


Stylishly decorated in a minimalist design corridor。
This room is、9920, Bldg. "Junior Family Suite" Is!

Silks Place Tainan
Location:No. 1, Heyi Rd, West Central District, Tainan City
TEL:+886 6 213 6290

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