It was held in Taiwan and China Fair in the "Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport" in the famous Shizuoka Prefecture in the world heritage Fuji!


2013 June,Has been certified as a World Heritage Site in the "Mt. Fuji"Shizuoka Prefecture Makinohara there is
2009 June,It has been opened in "Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airport Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport"The、
In the domestic、Sapporo、Fukuoka、Naha、4 lines of Kagoshima、
On international flights、Seoul、Operated numerous Charter flights with regular flights to various parts of China, Shanghai。
Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airportTo the、40 min. by car from Shizuoka city、50 min. by car from Hamamatsu City、
From the nearest expressway interchange 10 minutes to 15 minutes and is located in the access location。

[Equipped with 2,000 free parking]
Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airportNow、Is equipped with parking, 2000、
For effortless parking、During their business trip or travel with peace of mind、Free of charge throughout the day, regardless of time。
Even holding the big suitcase、There is an airport in front of the parking lot, and it is easy and very convenient to move around♪.


This time、3From the end of April to the beginning of AprilTaiwan tripas well as a flight in January.、
"Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airportThan "、"CHINA AIRLINES airlines"In the
In Taiwan's capital, Taipei "Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport"To go。
The flight time、19:40 nightAre scheduled for、Enter the airport about an hour to two hours before departure.、
1F international and domestic lines check-in countersIt is safe if you check in at。
Assume your case to congestion or trouble、Normally recommended check-in early.、
Because the airport is not too much travel time in compact size、
Or points suggest there is a smart check-in possible.


At the airport、2016March, 26th-27th.Using Saturdays and Sundays、"Taiwan and China fairHas been opened。
In the terminal building on the second floor "Taiwan and China products fairThe corner of] became a great success、
Including all-purpose seasonings essential for Chinese cuisine、The product exhibitions such as sweets, Taiwanese beer and Shaoxing sake are very popular!
Ajiha (Waper) and Oyster Sauce、Scha-jin (Searcherjang)、
Rotten milk (a seasoning fermented with tofu)、Sesame oil、Black vinegar、Rice flour noodles、
Salted eggs and peatan、Spicy Zasai、Pineapple cakes, strawberry cakes, etc. were sold♪.


Pineapple cake、
Strawberry cake


Scha-jin (Searcherjang)、
Rot breasts (funyu)


Seasoned Zasai、
Dainty flowers melon


On the second floor of the terminal building、As a consultation corner to support those who travel to Taiwan and China
"Taiwan and China travel consultationIt has also been provided、They gave me a free consultation.。
In order to eliminate the anxiety of those who go to Taiwan for the first time、It is a useful corner♪.


It was held only on Sunday.、In a multi-purpose conference room、
Divided into morning and afternoon session control "Chinese language course"I attended had been held for!
This course also joining is free!


"Hello! (你好! )」「Thank you! (謝謝! )' , 'Delicious! (好吃! )"Such as、
Simple words and numbers that you can use when you're traveling、Phrases, etc.、You will learn in about an hour of training!
When you go abroad、I want to master the language of the greeting level♪.


This was also held only on Sundays.、
On the Chinese traditional bowed string instrumentErhuThe concerts could watch free of charge!
Living in Makinohara City、Of the erhu players who are active all over the worldYumiko NaitoIt becomes the teacher's live music.、
It is called the violin of the Orient.、Using the erhu of the timbre that drifts melancholy、
In addition to Chinese songs and Taiwanese telesaine songs、It is played the tune of Japan.。
Tracklist、It is considered to be a staple song of the Chinese Spring Festival.Happy manIt starts with、
"Saiun chased,"、"Good evening"、"Moonlit night"、"Moon represents my heart"、"Silk Road"And、
It takes about 30 minutes to play.、The anime song that everyone knows in the bagGalaxy Express 999", Had been concluded.


a erhu player:Dr. Yumiko Naito

In fact two erhu playerYumiko NaitoThe teacher、He is also the erhu teacher I used to learn!
When I was young, I learned piano and electone.、
The erhu which I started when I grew up attracted by the sound which cannot be said。
2Smoothbow between the inner and outer strings of two strings、
I'm going to ask you how it's played lightly and beautifully.、
I remember the time when I struggled to play the scale、I felt nostalgia♪


It finished playingYumikoGreetings to the teacher。
I met my teacher again for the first time in ten years.、He greeted me with a gentle smile that is no different from what it used to be!
The teacher who is bright and innocent without change、
He still flies overseas from Japan.、Erhu has been a lecturer in various places!
By chance、A wonderful relationship with the day of departure and the teacher's performance to travel to Taiwan。
Could be off to a head start.

Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airport Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport


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