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"HOTEL QUOTE Taipei" prohibition-era cocktails and cuisine to enjoy "333 restaurant & bar"!



Nanjing dong in many buildings sat quietly、
Retreat-like atmosphere "HOTEL QUOTE Taipei"The、
"GLORIA HOTEL GROUP"Is one of the hotel。
Time start and lit neon、The atmosphere changed completely、
Lust has trendy bars such as youth-friendly designer hotel!

All dining area on the ground floor、Mainly offer casual Western style cuisine restaurant & bar
"333 RESTAURANT & BAR (333 Restaurant&Bar)"。
And took the name from a street address、Very catchy it is!


Shop、In the architects and designers has been noted in the Asian regionRay Chenis、
And play cool and unique design、
Purple, blue and yellow lights bounced off the walls of pewter embossed design、
MATZU-Moody, a unique view of the world。
L-shaped counter bar set up in the Middle、
Casualdyneingba relaxing at the sofa along the wall will be.


Can be found throughout the entire restaurant、Design becomes a night in the restaurant for all dining and décor、
Restaurant & bar is a unique world view is projected during the lights a bit.


In the restaurant can be used as a bar、
30Started over cocktails.、Whiskey or brandy、
Bourbon、Liqueur、Liquor and spirits has been available.


In the shop、Installed a huge water view bar、
Light of the candles reflected in the water are directing the sometimes fantastic and atmosphere!


Dare damage treated wood table
Dou retro chairs and velvet sofas on the wall、While directing glossy offers relaxation.


In the back、Indirect lighting with noiseless on a baking sheet、Prepared and coated antique Clawfoot long table in wood、
Popular space perfect for a small party.
1920-A traditional cocktail in the 1930s prohibition-era America's hidden bar
Align the Western-style Western cuisine、A Moody night out!


"333 RESTAURANT & BAR (333 Restaurant&Bar)"The、
Weekend DJ livened、Guests can enjoy a lively gathering of many young Taipei Night!


Restaurant Assirtant Manager & bartendersRoni ChenThe recommended dishes guys!
Got this time was present as an interpreter of the、In the friends of Taiwan、Graphic designerAnd working with、
"ZouZou Design Studio"He operated、
Coffee lover's interest、Casual pop-up coffee stand
"EAVES COFFEE"LaunchedLee Pei-SyunIt's cum! (Xie Xie! )


380TWD (Japan Yen:About 1370 yen)

Fresh octopus, roasted slowly over time、Together with the pepper, sour and give up the fun、
With tomato and paprika together sweet and sour sauce.


BartenderRoni ChenThat will make the best cocktail。
4 years of bartending experienceRoniThe rhythmic and shake、
Filled with freshness and moderate dry and fruity but can
1920With American-style born in the prohibition-era cocktails.


Feel the strength of women andRoniThe Sheikh。
Shining black uniforms better red poured into a cocktail glass、Completion of cocktails with beautiful shades.


"Amelia (Amelia)" 350 TWD (Japan Yen:About 1260 yen)

1928 year、As a woman of the first solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean for achieving、Many other flight record
Women's Aviator "Amelia Mary Earhart"The embodied the spirit of adventure and cocktails。
Took its name from the name of her "Amelia"。
In the shlock vodka-based sweet scent of elderflower cordial and lemon juice and blackberries、
Intelligent and charming inAmeliaThe woman expresses femininity.


380TWD (Japan Yen:About 1370 yen)

Chimichurri (Spain language:ccimiccurri) "
Chicken wing roasted sauce originated in Argentina in the dish you involved。
To come with a small salad with homemade pickles、The presence of entrees。
Can freshen up and wearing a nice sour and spicy chimichurri chicken!


Own cold meat plate and Kia certified:Miso Japanese beef、Dried cherry peach duck、Yoshinori medium roots、Jowl meat freezing、當, Kia workers.
420TWD (Japan Yen:Approximately 1510 yen)

Of the group "Gloria Prince Hotel Taipei"The 1st floor restaurant
"L’IDIOT RESTAURANT"In a homemade"Sharcutri"As is the cheese plate! (lade push! )
American Kobe beef American Black Angus beef and beef variety cereal breeding and、
After dry easing.、Miso-daub aged hams、Sweet, delicate feel.、The miso flavor mellow taste has been controversial.
Aged hams of Yi-LAN Cherie duck breast dry easing.、The flavours become addicted!
Pingtung County East of barley pork marinated in spices and、Aged for 1 week or more Italian-style bacon。
Minced pork and pig's ears、Mushroom、Mix the mustard of France roll pork。
4Of the species "Sharcutri"And a platter of cheese on top、On alcohol is the best!
Must be accompanied by homemade pickles.


(Bruschetta) Yoshinori flavor noodles packaging:Cow Kong fish Ed,-,-
300TWD (Japan Yen:About 1080 yen)

Rillettes, served with fried fish and milk、Tomato、Views of three species of goat cheese and chorizo bruschetta!


"Ginger Smash (smash ginger)" 350 TWD (Japan Yen:About 1260 yen)

Cocktails created by that New York's top bartender Jason Kosmas and Dushan Zaric。
Tequila-based with kumquat and ginger、Add a small amount of orange liqueur、
Is a dry, spicy cocktail.


South Seas-style Roasted selected meat skewer and incense Leek selected oil "520 TWD (Japan Yen:About 1870 yen)

A Thailand-style Roasted Chicken Rice、
PLA and ginger、Attached to, such as garlic, mesmerize for 3 days、It wishes the chili sauce, grilled。
Rice cooked in chicken broth and、Served with a small salad and pickles。
Enjoy the smells of various spices、Dish Springs out appetite.



480TWD (Japan Yen:About 1730 yen)

The grilled Hokkaido scallops、
Pasta with Aioli (garlic mayonnaise) in the South of France
Together with Butler to cheese in the mozzarella cheese plus whipped cream、
Pasta clemmie enjoy the sweetness of the scallops from finished in a rich finish.


And then mash the Mint in a glass、Pour the lemon vodka!


Shaken rhythmically!


"West Side (West side)" 300 TWD (Japan Yen:About 1080 yen)

This cocktail is、1920In made in the prohibition-era cocktails、
Jack kleinedler and Charlie Burns is open.、
A famous as mogli's Tavern in Greenwich Village in New York (Greenwich Village)
Born in the Red Head (red head)。
Red Head (red head) changed location and name、Now "21Club"The known by name。
Lemon vodka-based in plenty of mint and lime can be a little、It is scented with a refreshing cocktail.


350TWD:Sun pidan +30 TWD
(Japan-Yen:About 1260 Yen:Topping + about 110 yen)

Shop the most popular "Croque monsieur"。
The Croque monsieur、1910Made in the cafes near the Opera House in France in the year、
Now also in cafes and bars boast a wide range of popular as a light snack menu is available。
Smoked ham,With plenty of gruyere cheese, hearty sandwich!



380TWD (Japan Yen:About 1370 yen)

Meat new in 6 oz of 100% beef thick Patty grilled and roasted toasted bun served with Mesclun、
Ask original tomato sauce with plenty of cheddar cheese cheese burger!
A sense of the size of the bun as is the sense of good size、Is feeling, feeling the thickness of finish。
There are are ashamed to eat, open the large knife and fork、
Still here、One bite and the beans!
From the inside、Guests can enjoy a very juciy hamburger gravy come out foaming and flooding!
Also was served with French fries and fried et al has、Your taste is in hoc hoc spice becomes addicted.


While hotel owners also culinary Director responsible for、
In addition to managing home vegetable garden as a farmer、Be instrumental in growing organic vegetablesFudy Che!
In your busy schedule、Us frees to greet them! (Xie Xie! )
Always friendly and greeted me.、Very nice, and friendlyFudy
A variety is born from the love of his hotel、
For the love of cooking from my grandmother learned started.、Family and colleagues、And I think of kindness for his guests to think carefully。
Such a nice hotel ownerFudy ChenWhat it is!
Now、Next is "333 RESTAURANT & BAR (333 Restaurant&Bar)"In the introduction of breakfast!

333 RESTAURANT & BAR (333 Restaurant&Bar)
Location:Taipei Songshan district Nanjing 3 333, 1st floor
TEL:+886 2 2175 5588
Hours of operation
Day-Thursday 11:30-24:00、Gold、Sat 11:30Late-night 2:00

Location:Songshan district, Taipei city Nanjing East Road, section 3, No. 333
TEL:+886 2 2175 5588

Songshan district, Taipei city Nanjing East Road, section 3, No. 333

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"HOTEL QUOTE Taipei" Introduction room type with attention building designers worked! "HOTEL QUOTE TAIPEI" "333 Restaurant&Bar "in the buffet breakfast with organic vegetables
"HOTEL QUOTE Taipei" Introduction room type with attention building designers worked!
"HOTEL QUOTE TAIPEI" "333 Restaurant&Bar "in the buffet breakfast with organic vegetables


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