"Humble House Taipei" Beautiful night view of the shopping mall around Xinyi area


Taipei's major tourist attractions as a tourist office I shall be "Taipei 101"And、
And packed the popular spots of gourmet and large shoppingXinyi districtTo
2013/11To open since about five star "Humble House Taipei"。
Place、MRTPlates South lineThe "Municipal Eki"3 ExitThanWithin a 5-minute walkAnd conveniently located、
"Breeze SONG GAO"From the 5th floor of the building into the 24th floorHumble House TaipeiAnd will be。
There is a large commercial building downtown、Past the evening hours、I slip into the person who visited a shopping、
Be seen crowded in the rush of the salaried man and OL.


Arriving back at olives Taipei views、Surrounded by the skyscraper district!
In his right hand as a luxury shopping mall2009 yearIn the newly opened "Bellavita"、
To the Center2015 yearTo open commercial building "Cathay Landmark"、
In the valley behind the most conspicuous2011On February 14Opened "W Taipei"Such as the
Led neon Galaxy Navigator and wonder world for evening!


2001Founded in, large shopping mall "Breeze Center"At the mall to expand
2014Opened in the year "Breeze SONG GAO"。
From the 5th floor of this complex building 24 floorHumble House TaipeiWill be!


Department store on the left "Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department store"In from the pedestrian bridge between the A4 and the A8、
"Humble House Taipei"For to capture panoramic views、Let's go to it immediately。
On this day、Light rain was falling.、Thanks to its more shining neon watch could.


Impression the neon dot to the right "Breeze SONG GAO"Entering the building and、
Occupies 24 floors from the 5th floor "Humble House Taipei' Ask!
Next to it is、"Shin Kong Bank"There are building、
In the back "Le Meridien Taipei"There。
And、Painted in Rainbow colours "Taiwan oil Akira co., Ltd."And、Is a bustling cosmopolitan city.


"Humble House Taipei"Across the road in front、
Luxury brand shopping mall "Bellavita"Red Rd。
"Bellavita"In the、
Visit the other day "L’atelier de Joël Robuchon Taipei"And、
Also on the third floor "SALON DE THE de Joël Robuchon"So、
I think you want to went in the next day。
Now、Next is invited to Taiwan people's friend and his wife、
2015/SeptemberIn France restaurant newly opened "Toh-A’"The dinner is.

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