"Humble House Taipei" Comfortable Grand Premier Room with views of Taipei 101 view at the corner room !


Taipei's major tourist attractions as a tourist office I shall be "Taipei 101"And、
And packed the popular spots of gourmet and large shoppingXinyi districtTo
2013/11To since the opening topic 5 stars hotel
"Humble House Taipei"。
The rooms are9TypeFrom dualAll 235 guestNext、A world-famous Hotel design company
"Hirsch Bedner Associates Pte. Ltd. Design Consultants"A commissioned design、
A clean, modern design and colours、Offers a comfortable and elegant atmosphere.


This time、The rooms become indebted
15Room 1507, Bldg. "Grand Premier Room"。
In the rooms located in the corner of each floor、Is a good vantage point type.


15Room 1507, Bldg. "Grand Premier Room"

This room is located on the corner of each floor of the hotel、
Surrounded by a large glass window in the corner rooms、
And the landscape of the city "Taipei 101"The breathtaking views! (Terrible! )
With free Wi-Fi and stylish design、In working with the beauty and36㎡Of space and、
The hotel is located、"Sealy"The used bed、Spacious king size (83 cm. 203 cm),、
Provides a comfortable, high-quality goose-down Duvet and down pillows、
Get a comfortable night's sleep、Ideal for an elegant stay in business or a couple of trip!


"Butterfly / Alexander James "

Taken by a British artist Alexander James、
Various works were taken in day to day life、
Full of possibility of creation of various experimental shooting methods。
Butterfly is a symbol of freedom.。
This piece is a piece by high resolution pictures taken underwater Butterfly、
Able to observe further detail of life is a huge subject、
Are able to feel the mystery is not yet known with a powerful!


Faint blue sky around the sun sets as well as and lit neon city、
Galaxy Navigator and I can view。
All 235 from the 86 rooms "Taipei 101"Enjoy!
Now "Taipei 101"The building under construction and next to the、I look forward to also a new hotel that he was born in.


In the General ManagerHugo ShengThan、We received a thanks message! (Xie Xie! )
During the lovely package added、"KIGIVE (Gao immediately Fumiko)"The tea Pack is included。
The beige、And reproduce the traditional United Kingdom、
Enjoy natural bergamot scent、Enjoy a refreshing citrus flavor
"Earl Grey Tea"、
Black、Enjoy the sweet roasted oolong tea with rich flavor from the deep and lingering
"Baking Oolong Tea" Is!


Humble House TaipeiThe original cute cloth bag and Notepad! (Xie Xie! )
It is simple and easy-to-use design.


In all rooms "SONY"The refreshing and also contains a built-in high quality LCD TV 40 inch、
Avoid unnecessary roughness、Unites!


Also seeSONY"The installed Blu-ray DVD player、
Enjoy free movies!


Open the window screen、Vantage point overlooking、Good ample work desk。
There is free Wi-Fi service、No permits to work。
Even though the opening and closing of the high rise building window、
And equipped with air conditioning circulation equipment、Also replaced the air effortlessly.。
And are stored neatly in wall outlet or USB、
In the drawer、Stationery Kit will be available.


Bathrooms can be separated by sliding doors。
While the partner is absent、
By using the door lead to the sound-proofed、Without cause, is available.


In the washbasin with mirror、There was a nice led both sides make Miller women、
Boasts a stylish and practical design。
Very nice staff、Slipping in a spacious size and prevent matted。
High-quality towels、Hand、Face、Bath towel with each set you have.


Luxury fragrance brand of made in England "Heyland & Whittle"The base item is、
For a refreshing fragrant nobleGreentea & GrapefruitCarpe diem、Very polite Concierge!


Flag of Great Britain is so cute
hand SOAP


Filled with clean
Enhanced amenities


OSERIO (some SE young)
Health meter


Independent shower room "TOTO"The are equipped with Washlet toilet。
Spare toilet paper and packaging to the toilet underneath、
Beside there is a hair dryer.


A standalone working closet、There's baggage rack folding、
And provide a full wall mirror、Dress-very useful!


Soft anyway nice and soft bathrobes、Outer fabric becomes the signature Velvet、
And very absorbent because Terry inside、Size provides 2 coloring。
Safe deposit box in the laundry bag、Fluffy slippers、
Not to mention the shoehorn、Businessmen are provided up to wooden shoe tree, I'm happy!


"Nespresso"The coffee capsule is prepared、
Germany glass companies and creators of the European project in collaboration with、The designers all over the world
"Ritzenhoff (Ritzenhoff)"The espresso cups filled with impact
"My Little Darling Design Espressotasse mit Untertasse, Allison Gregory, Frühjahr 2010"、
"My Little Darling Design Espressotasse mit Untertasse, Martina Schlenke, Herbst 2012"
In this series can be delicious!


Drinks in the fridge
(Charges apply)


Mini bar
(Charges apply)


Tea bags and sugar、
Wine opener、
Spoon and saucer


Fruit and newspapers every day give new ones!


In the dark room、
Equipped with colorful flower blooms only one point to Orange sofa。
Brewed while enjoying the fresh espresso、Is relieved and comfortable sofas。
Now、Next is the introduction of other types of rooms.

Humble House Taipei
Location:Taipei Xinyi, pine channel 18 No.
TEL:+886 2 6631 8000

Taipei Xinyi, pine channel 18 No.

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