Various notes of up to reach the "Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport" departure to boarding gate


After check-in to、
"Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport"of
The second terminal, 3rd floor floor departure lobby、Providing airline tickets and passports、Let me leave!


Facing the international departure gate、At security check point、
Security checks of carry-on passenger baggage and passengers ' possessions。
Hat、Take off your jacket、Shoes and belts with metal fittings, metal, etc.、Not use 外shimashou responds metal detector accessories。
Like digital cameras and notebook computers、You must make the desk tray。
Allow the smoothly、Choose a simple attachment/detachment flight clothing.


"CHINA AIRLINES airlines"ofCI 0151 flightsThe boarding gateA7The look and、
Terminal 1And thus far far away、If you enjoyed lunch in the carefree, relaxed, not did (lol)
Airport unique boasts a vast site "It is there"So、
Where is the boarding gate?、We recommend you confirm at the check-in counter prior to。
3Down to the floor、A/dThe ♪ Let's facing in a hurry to the boarding gate direction


After the security check without problems、Free time and will be until boarding time、
If the original、You will also enjoy shopping for a good and、It is possible also went to the lounge and sleep。
However,、This time theTerminal 2By not leaving until the last minute, had lunch、
Flight times are on the horizon、
Feeling want to turn around and check carefully on the back、Many duty free shops will go through!
When using the airport for the first time、Have enough time to、It is recommended to enjoy the shopping!


But the step but step、EasilyTerminal 1OfA gate pointYou can not arrive in (laughs)
Not confident in the legs?、Have spare time on your flight preparation。
Also、In the airport、Terminal 1AndTerminal 2Bridge
SkytrainIt runs and、Ride opening the third floorTo be。
And if there are baggage、Walking the restrictive、It is recommended to be used.


Departure gate、Boarding gate A to pointOn the come up、To walk around10MinutesDoes it take。


Here is the currentBoarding gate A7Because it would be、Let's rafting with a stair or elevator。


Boarding time is able to arrive at the last moment、
Not ready for departure of the flight、20Announcements as well as delayed Concert Hall。
Also seeTaiwan Taoyuan International Airport" Of "It is thereIt is "(laughs)


This timeChina AirlinesCI 0151 flightsThe boarding gateA7 in、
And make sure your passport and boarding、Is gimpp safe and sound!


One was safely aboard the aircraft、
Recent、Available flights for the airport's is on the rise、Many cases would jam the runway、
In fact even this time of flight30Minute to 45 minutesThe delays and、It took quite some time。
So is the expected return time will be delayed、Advance、How to arrange for pick-up at the airport after returning home、
Roughly the estimated time of arrival30Minutes to 1 hour timeWidth is a good idea to not have the ♪


Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

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