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"Platinum Hotel" Spacious hotel stay in a natural full environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city!



South of Taipei City、Idyllic New Taipei Xindian District who is also a Taipei bed Town
Luxury hotels "PLATINUM HOTEL"2015One day in October.にソフトオープンされており
"PLATINUM HOTEL"The front Office Manager
Lin Shuo, Bernard Lin (aka:Bernard)
BernardMr. a、日本に住まわれていたこともあり大の親日家で

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その周辺を緑に囲まれ、210,000 6千 in the vast area of square meters、
10-1 dayThe soft opening and opened A Hall and B Hall、After that、来春にはC館オープン予定となっています
Place、MRTMatsuyama Xindian lineThe Terminal,
Xindian station (Cindy Engen)Approximately in a more taxi10 minute area
Or of MRTAnd new reed lineThe Terminal,
Nanshijiao Station (Nancy Zhao Jean)The approximately by taxi from10 minute areaAnd will be。
Close to the、NaturalBitan (nn Tatari Bldg)Also and、
It is a symbol of the river flowing peacefulBlue Lake bridgeFrom "Eight views of Taiwan 12」にも選ばれている美しい渓谷の様子が伺え
Away from the hustle and bustle of the city、静かに時を過ごしリフレッシュするには最高の場所となります
Blue Lakeの様子は以前訪れた際の記事(下記URL)をご覧ください♪

Beautiful Gorge from sindian district "Blue Lake BITAN" suspension bridge and bedroom community nature


Become a construction company operated hotel companies、On the other hand the development of this region、
In front of the hotel will be open、
The sale was previously a large apartment towers。
Is away from the hustle and bustle of the city、And benefit from quiet relaxing hotel to spend、
"Taipei City Zoo' , 'Maokong"、
Or "Wulai"And recommended hotels and visiting tourist in the southern part of the district, Taipei.


In the hotel、Acceptance of organizations possibleAs for the、
This also、中国からの団体客が観光バスで到着し利用されている団体客の姿が多く見られました♪


Classical and it is modern in a unified sophisticated design ♪


In the name of the hotel "Flower garden"And only in the、中庭の木々の手入れも入念にされるようですので
Spring and summer flowering time is fun!

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And C building Executive Twin room 15 m2-/49.5 m2
And below C building premium single 15 m2-/49.5 m2

On the mountain side、The view from this room is the best!
To enjoy the opening of C、わたし達もその頃にまたお邪魔したいと思います♪


Check-in time、15:00 PMIt will be Kara ♪


The ♪ you pay in such description, such as the next day of breakfast time and venue


This time、宿泊するお部屋までエレベーターで進みます
Luggage you please carry the Porter ♪


This hotelAll rooms 300 roomsの客室を用意されており
In that、160×200cmOf2 king-size bed10 square meters of room for wearing200Roomを占めているため
Will be the best hotel in the organization use, such as school trips students ♪


This time、お世話になるお部屋「Deluxe Twin Room Deluxe Twin Room」へ到着しました
Next in line、お部屋紹介です♪

Location:An Xindian District, New Taipei City Rd 77

An Xindian District, New Taipei City Rd 77

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"Grand Victoria Hotel" The Check -out 5-star hotel to spend time elegant "Platinum Hotel" Deluxe Twin Room that is lush forest through the window spread
"Grand Victoria Hotel" The Check -out 5-star hotel to spend time elegant
"Platinum Hotel" Deluxe Twin Room that is lush forest through the window spread


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