What's the market crowded as the kitchen of Taipei originated area "Longshan Temple near" historic streets and civil


"Longshan Temple"In the visit, after、Explore the historic area of Taipei and the city。
Longshan TempleThe area、"Bangkah"As referred to、In ancient timesDihua StreetAs well as in the city flourished in the commercial、
Is the halcyon days of Taipei still feel still area。
ThisLongshan TempleWan China area centered on Kiyoshi's、Japan colonial period、Republic of China and three times through.、
Best downtown Taipei once it was。
Don't hustle like old times now、And the holidaysLongshan TempleTo is filled with many people who visited。
Gather peopleLongshan TempleDevelopment of many gastronomic culture in the area。
Affordable "蚵 omelette" or "(ii) meat meal.、Yuan Chai Tian Shi Yu、You will find abundantly delicious snacks such as "pepper cake" (Hsin-Hsiang)。
In addition, huaxi snake soup etc.、You can also experience the unusual dishes!
But this is not 立chi寄rete in a matter of hours、
For the first time in Taipei "Tourist Night MarketIt was born as, ""Huaxi Street Tourist Night Market"EvenLongshan TempleLocated in beside ♪


AlsoLongshan TempleIt is as close to "Peeling Laos"That、
Area containing the historic town was built in the Qing dynasty。
On the streets of Taipei City has good days store、And restore、It is a popular hot spots!
This area flourished as a trading center of the wood from the Qing dynasty、Qing dynasty、A mix of Japan's landscape and architecture、Are you side by side。
Here is、In the area of the development in the Japan rule age、Qing dynasty era Taipei is one of the few left now、
Also is famous ♪ as Roque and attractions of the movie


Western-style baroque is blend together in the traditional architectural style of TaiwanPeeling LaosOf the town、
Kept pending and until modern times almost perfect。
Due to obsolescence of the building, but also the crisis of the demolition、
The Taipei City Government since 1988, started the preservation of this historic town、
2009Finish the repair in its current form。


Longshan Temple StationIn the area、We've had shopping arcade、
Reasonably priced snacks and tea、Are lined with shops selling household goods, such as。
In the surrounding area、Old old fashioned taste traditional cuisine、
The popular sweets shops there scattered over here、Downtown gourmet walks in Taiwan would be a popular area。
In my Taipei trip、Day and night together、In to talk shop and restaurants reservations、
Do not eat anything B-class gourmet Taiwan、It was a little regret has become (lol)
In this neighborhood "Fuzhou Ganso pepper rice cake (Fu Zhou Yu enthusiast Fu Zhao Bin)"The for was looking for popular and pepper cakes、
I wanted to try to eat! (Sorry!)


Longshan TempleNearSanshui StreetThe、
Japan during the colonial period for Japan Government、
Imitating the Western market、Still shopping collects in one place the formed market。
Downtown taste Steeped "Sanshui East Street market (new rich market)"The、
In Taipei City, and specified、Is the market of tradition from the Taisho era。
Market is still active、Food、Household goods、A variety of products, such as clothing becomes complete.、Is used as a kitchen for local people.


In a market crowded with the、On both sides and continue shopping、Exhibit items were lit by bare light bulbs a bit。
Butcher、Deli、Grocery store、In the restaurants and delicacies、
Each store is properly secured space、Are aligned.


In the market、You may jump in Japan so much unfamiliar sight!
Chicken whole roast will air fishing、That is often a spectacle in every part、
This is the next scene I was shocked! (Surprise)


Others are being sold in the head and legs are left in the wild、
But we are giving quite a strong impression、
The Crista Galli of the chicken first saw I such that。
I interest is springing to cultural differences related to food!


Fresh leafy vegetables and root vegetables、Fruit and eggs are sold、Seems a little grocery store.


Is this in Banka district、100Before the largest in the river port town that there、
Fishmonger selling fresh seafood also well as many ♪


Longshan Temple weeks vicinitiesOf after exploring、Taipei 101French world masters of in the direction
"Joel Robuchon"In Taipei
"L’atelier de Joël Robuchon TaipeiLet Mairi on top the lunch at "♪

No. 150 Canton Street, Wanhua District, Taipei City

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