Beautiful Gorge from sindian district "Blue Lake BITAN" suspension bridge and bedroom community nature


Beautiful valley "Eight views of Taiwan 12"The chosen、New Taipei City new district where citizens relax "Blue Lake BITAN"。
That is lined with high rise apartment buildings now has transformed into commuter town alarmed、
Heroic rock known as "small red Cliff" calm and the river flowing through deep water, steep、
And beautiful suspension bridge on the river。
Proud to feel in harmony with nature and the environment.

MRTMatsuyama Xindian lineThe Terminal,Xindian station (Cindy Engen)The left is Bank and out the gate、
Blue Lake BINTANAnd sign large jumps。
Up the stairs and spectacular Highway、Xindian river flowing through the landscape is spread.、
Due to the wide promenade along the river is、Many people are cycling and dog walkers.、Increases your sight to enjoy fishing。
Also、Dragon boat races during the Lunar 5/5 (Festival)、
7And fireworks displays are held in February,、Local Taiwan people also is a popular spot.


Blue Lake MAP


On the Boardwalk、Small fashionable cafes and restaurants can be found here。
Here is2008 yearIn the fully developed、
Approximately 15 restaurants and cafés、Arcade lined with shops and is。
Is the ideal spot to spend a nice and doubles as a rest!


Called the symbol of the Blue Lake "Blue Lake bridge"。
Located at the foot of the bridgeBlue Lake BITANThe sign outside enjoy the photo!


Blue Lake bridgeThe、1937 yearA pedestrian suspension bridge was completed the 200-metre、2000 yearIn the fully renovated and the appearance of the now。
Bridge pillar base of support on the axis of the sphere、Has become a structure that corresponds to the wobble。
In addition to dark mountain opened and flows from the top of the bridge and the Green、
Dynamic high speed roads and towering high rise condominiums、
And along with the restaurants along the River, with magnificent views overlooking。
To be lit up on time every night、A romantic mood and is as popular as a date spot!


Magnificent views from the Blue Lake bridge。
Also unlike the Central、Clear air、Peaceful landscape provides a time for healing。
On the Boardwalk、Sounds like fun boat date also, and Paddle boats for rent.


On the Blue Lake and written "sekiheki" tea house "Blue Pavilion"There。
Enjoy views of the Blue Lake fun relaxing Cup of tea.


Even on a weekday?、Not very many people、Spend a relaxing time。
While Blue Lake suspension bridge.、The wind feels on the skin、
Lin Shuo, Bernard Lin (aka:Bernard)The Guide while、I was completely healed.


In the part near the suspension bridge、Shopping streets as well as sequence、
Would enjoy the tourist stalls of food around too many side due to holiday。
Now、Next in line、This calm city nearly completed luxury hotels
"PLATINUM HOTEL"To and let you guide!

Bitan Scenic Area

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