Looking for historic Taiwan and Taipei's new appeal now、Leading restaurant spotlight

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2015On September 22, (Tuesday)-9/27 (Sunday)Until the、ladeTheTaiwanOf the capitalTaipei CityTo go on the trip。
Taipei City、And the capital city of Taiwan well on the banks of the river flows through the northern part of Taiwan and on descending River。
Taipei City, which is located near East Asia and the Pacific between 25 degrees north latitude,、
Characterized by a subtropical climate affected by Mongolian high pressure and warm and humid Pacific high pressure system、Remarkable seasonal variation area、
Generally 3-spring month of may、6-August, summer、9-Fall for 11 months、12Between February and winter、
Current、Temperatures in the coming autumn as well as Japan and Taipei、
23-Around 30 ° c.The relatively mild climate and、Best season3-May、Also 10-11And will be。
Time difference with JapanThe、Minus 1 hourAs for the、Not to worry about jet lag。
TaiwanOf the currency is、NT $ (newtywandl) in、
2015September 21.In the current rateNT$1=3.69 YenAnd will be。
Pro homeFor many Taiwan security、Has been relatively safe and。

The last、2January-Taiwan trip visited in March、Luxury hotel
"Mandarin Oriental Taipei"For coverage in the Center、
Packed with local food night market,、Famous nine, and ten,、Wild Willow Park、Went sightseeing attractions such as the Taipei 101。

This time the、In order to deliver a new Taipei City、
Now、And gourmet restaurants Spotlight topic、
They are not open for 3 months
Continue covering the new design hotel!


Ryugin / Seiji Yamamoto

Joel Robuchon

Joel Robuchon

Andre Chiang

RAW / Andre Chiang

Seiji Yamamoto, Japan cuisine who attract attention around the world "Ryugin"In Taipei
"Sho Ryu Gin Ryugin Taipei"

French greats "Joel Robuchon"In Taipei
"L’atelier de Joël Robuchon Taipei"

Bathing Chamber in Singapore、
Of Taiwan people Andre Chiang was chosen in the world top 15 Taipei store "RAW"

Now、In Taipei "RAW"As well as among the foodie
Hot topic in fusion cuisine "MUME"

Taiwan people's friendsLee-Kun (the last、Asked the tour guide) and then charge for WEB design、
As curry dining casual hit "Cari de Madame"

And so on、This time the、We attacked the only popular book of famous stores。
The where to stay、Zhongshan2015March 5In the newly opened design hotel
"amba Taipei Zhongshan"And、
As well as great last time "Mandarin Oriental Taipei"To be indebted to。

"amba Taipei Zhongshan"The restaurant"ACHOI"And
"Mandarin Oriental Taipei"In Italian
Introduce "Bencotto at Mandarin Oriental Taipei.。

Yet、Because it is less information in Japan shops and hotels、I can tell you as a new attraction in Taipei。
And edit the article after you return home、Will be up, so please stay tuned!

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