From Taoyuan International Airport airlines returned to Central Japan International Airport Centrair


"CHINA AIRLINES airlines"ofCI 0151 flightsThe boarding gateA7The
Far more expensive than thought、If you're lounging in the lounge, no did (lol)
3Down to the floor、A/dThe rush to the boarding gate area, go!


"Taiwan good"And is written a good teahouse。
So sadly had a sister、Wanted to give visit if you have time I'll try it is!


Feeling want to turn around and check carefully on the back、Many duty free shops will go through!


PerhapsBoarding gate A to pointOn the come up、10Minutes or moreDoes it take。
It is recommended that head to spare!


16Time 45 minutesThe boarding time somehow fitted during the last minute!
This timeChina AirlinesCI 0151 flightsThe boarding gateGate A7In the passport and flight ticket is confirmed after gettin!


On the way back、Approximately2Time 45 minutesAs for flight、Was that during the arrival to Japan.


China Airlines flights


For the short flight time、To stabilize the aircraft and immediately、Provides in-flight food and beverage service。
The cabin attendant、Chinese、English、JapaneseIn the us deal.


"China Airlines in-flight meal
Spicy chicken and rice、Bread、Ham salad、Whats the white wine in the fruit.


Above the clouds is no longer beam best views。
The seats are、Always always power on the wings of a seat please her husband has gotten!


On short flights、Blink of an eye "Central Japan International Airport Centrair"To safely。
Taiwan and JapanIs so close to the real thing、It is good and the fit visited each other more and more people have more!
Bright and smile constantly、Always a kind Taiwan people、Somewhere that I feel that there are similarities with the Japanese。
Also during your stay、A large number of Taiwan people care now (thanks)
If you then go to Taiwan、Southern Taiwan's Kaohsiung DistrictAlso would like to extend the legs。
On this day、The arrival in Japan、Night20When the half-Was around。
Outside of Nagoya、Strong wind and rain、Temperature too low
Bangkok, ThailandOf time but the temperature difference between、Taiwan-TaipeiBut in the spring clothes had to、The scantily-clad.。
Spring in Japan、This time is still ahead of did。
Return journey、Was not blessed with the weather、Thank you could return home safely。
And、In addition, a new journey birthday、Would like to encounter a new day!

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Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport


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