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THE MORE Premium Lounge at Taoyuan International Airport priority pass



"Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport"ofTerminal 2Located within
Priority Pass Priority passIn the lounge get "THE MORE Premium Lounge"The present。

Place、Out of the departure lobby、On your right as you advance towards the departure gate b/c
Comes out the escalator on the left、At your place4 floorThe Let's go。
4-FloorIn the lounge6StoreA for、Please do not miss!


With priority pass (Priority)、With companies offering services in the airport lounge、
The annual membership fee is required、Using price Lounge will be free。
Many domestic and overseas travel、Frequently used the airport for travelers is the recommended membership card!

There is such a priority card you can get free!
It'sRakuten premiumIt is!

Rakuten Premium Card membershipThe、
Prestige membership of priority pass (Priority) (regular annual membership fee $ 399 USD) in、
Would you believeJoining fees, annual fees and also offers free membershipThat can be。

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In the lounge of THE MORE
At the front deskPriority passAnd present、The admission。
Opening hours、Morning 6:00-23:30
Other than menthol
The rooms of massage chairs and PC counters、Provides also private rooms, etc.。
Available even if、Is possible freely available anywhere!


Meals and drinks、AllSelf serviceBecause it would be、Shall we go to pick up your favorite individual.


Taiwan's leading pork buns and steam warmer、There are tea bags and pots。


The view from the private business use、In the open in the backTerminal 1See。
Terminal 1 and Terminal 2Skytrain connects runs in the right hand.


List 啤酒 Tsingtao (Qingdao Beer)
Our wine usually is、Wine tasting too much of choice was not because、Most beer.。
In good taste and soft taste、Harmony is the aroma of hops and malt、Has a unique freshness.


White and red wine
Where good wine。


See peanut、Stir fried green beans、China bamboo "
The most delicious peanut。


'Steamed meat buns, steamed pumpkin buns'
PAS becomes the。


"Kanto sauce"
Taiwan wind Oden。


"Minced pork rice"
Is fat.。


Ice cream to chocolate-cheese steamed cake
Haagen-Dazs ice cream is delicious。

The quality of the food and alcohol、Including variations of
Now well in the country experienced the lounge
In the lowest grade lounge、And the last in Taiwan remain feeling a little regrettable now。
Look on the net、Too many people have written similar things
It is really a lounge and much room for improvement。
Now、That didn't discourage、Coins remainedNT $ 350 (Japan yen and then around 1,370 yen)As used up to the last
Go to the boarding gate.

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Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

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Arrived at Taoyuan International Airport! Let's explore the airport and check-in! From Taoyuan International Airport airlines returned to Central Japan International Airport Centrair
Arrived at Taoyuan International Airport! Let's explore the airport and check-in!
From Taoyuan International Airport airlines returned to Central Japan International Airport Centrair


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