Learn the history of the gold mining industry of gold Museum once a thriving gold Town Museum


Japan's famous as a tourist attractionJioufen (speaks)From
Little foot was extended to theChinkuashihThe "Gold Museum"The
19CenturyIn the days of gold mining andGold gourd rock gold mineThe Memorial history of gold mining industry that can be。
Location key to imagine prosperity once sprinkled throughoutChinkuashihThe、CityMuseum ParkTo the specified
To better know Taiwan gold was part of the lives of the Taiwan people and how it brings。
The admission fee hereFree (Motoyama 5 mine tours and gold picking experience、Charges apply)Because it is easily available。
Click here to enter and seeCustomer Service CenterNow、To submit proof of identification
It is possible to rent free Japan-language audio guide!


The Japan rule age、Japanese official residence "four building" life aesthetics experience band

1930DatingA fence enclosed to protect the built 4 buildings in Japan homes、Built of red brick and has。
From the historic building、1While trying to limit the number of annual visitors is committed to protecting。
In、Or watch the video guide、Tour of the internal and
The building was repaired、Has been reproduced over the details of that time。




Gold gourd stone dispatch Institute

The wooden building was、20About a year agoTo clean and repair
Now、Not to mention the role of the police box、Is used as a lavatory resting place for tourists.


Mold squareThe "Miners dining room"And、Was also at that time miners one day in funThe "Mineral Engineering 便當"
Miners Bento (ribs rice Paige fan) NT $ 290 (Japan yen and then around 1,130 yen)Such offers。
And、After I have finished eating
The illustration was wrapped metal lunch box, lunch box floor plan luncheon cloth、ChopsticksAre you can take home!
Will be celebrating a little and、It might be good to taste the miners felt here。
Mold squareThrough the stairs、Go ahead!


Line from the mine shaft
Raining and drizzling in the unfortunate weather and rain had
Dainty Cherry with bright pink and water droplets containing more beautiful youthful turf, you will!


In the cherry Chinese new year decorations


Carried a lot of gold oreTrolley roadOf the mark


It would have been great even if it fine views from the Hill。
However,、B what is the atmosphere of hotel and getting wet in the rain。
On lineDollyTo ride and enjoy the photographs!


Golden HallOf the front、Big enough to feed air to the basementBlowerHas been established。


Front of gold miner doll


Golden Hall

The Panel also overtly large'Gold'Was written andGold Museum (admission is free)
The hotel's2 floorThe、220.3 kgWhat a hugeGold soul (worth 900 million yen or more)Exhibits and、Touching is allowed!
Gold soulThe、Shizuoka PrefectureToi gold mine MuseumTo the one、Weight250kgThe second only to gold bullionWorld No. 2The largest size。
still、Gold soulOf the Foundation、Fair value for moneyDisplays
The days ofThe value of gold soulHas been indescribably unique exhibit noted that (laughs)


"Motoyama 5 Wells' admission (as insurance costs NT $ 50.:Japan yen roughly 200 yen)

Motoyama 5 and mine tours、HelmetMotoyama No. 5 mineTo the admission and
Walking along the trajectory of ore transportation、You will work in the mine at the time of。
Beside mine、Workers wax and then electric trams、Truck model、And furnished with a genuine gold veins
And even reproduces the explosion sound effects、You can experience the precious environment。


Statue representing the severity of the miners at the time


ChinkuashihThe once-thrivingMountain cityIn the PTI trip the after
Down the stairs of the stone pavement lasts longer and longer、Return to the hotel entrance、Let's return to the real world。
Now、Next in line、I may be.Studio Ghibli filmsThe "Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi"The stage model of the
JioufenThe Let's set foot to the town.

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Gold Museum
Location:New Taipei City (formerly 台北縣) Rui Fang, melon ishigane optical 8 號 TEL:02-2496-2800
Hours of operation:--Fri 9:30-17:00(Ticket sale 16:00Up) soil、Day 9:30To 18:00(Ticket sales 17:00Until )
Closed days:First Monday、Election day、Chinese new year
Admission fee:Free (Motoyama 5 mine tours and gold picking experience、Charges apply)

8th Metro district, new Taipei City chinkuashi gold road,

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