What a wonderful staff hospitality was Mandarin Oriental Taipei


Marketing Communications ManagerStella Wang (Stella Wang:Wang Jin 瑀)San
Japan experiences with in house (language:Chinese / English)
Normal、The less she is headed to the table、A meet and greet in the coverage of all facilities and heartwarming.

This time、My five-star hotel "Mandarin Oriental Taipei"Mr. on、Japan staff and I, we、And the language barrier is not necessarily、Staff hospitality inbetween nice accomodation was excellent, with all my heart I would want to close up the people!


Front Office ManagerYoshimoto nobuhisa (Yoshimoto's Obon.)San
(Language:Japan Japanese, English, Chinese)
Longer work in Taipei、From the experience、When Japanese staff Japanese guests to invite to me sincere and attentive host.
Seems to be drowned at Mandarin Oriental Manila experience!


Have theKate Lin (Kate Lynn:Forest heart-)San
(Language:Chinese, English, Japan)
The originalJALTo employed at the Japan language fluent in a charming way.


The front desk staff


Spa front staff


Cleaning staff:Ruby Lai


Front Office Assistant ManagerRyan Lin (Ryan Lynn:Forest child lifting)Mr
(Language:Chinese / English)
To have common interests in the car are very important、Fun communications has come out。Fresh out!


The guest service exclusiveYeh sunny (sunny yeah:Leaves, art)San
(Language:Chinese, English, Japan)
Just like its name、Sun provides the comfort served with a bright sparkling smile!


Venkat restaurant Assistant Manager & sommelierAlex Tsai (Alex Sy:Takashi CAWA LUN)San
(Language:Chinese / English)
Cooking wines carefully explained, can you select! Tokyo friends at sommelier, he also told me about!


The Assistant Manager of the Mandarin cake shopJason Chu (Jason Chu:Rare Zhu ling)San
(Language:Chinese / English)
A refreshing smile and a friendly reception is very impressive!


Café en de Trois staff


Venkat staff


Cake shop staff

The Guest Relations supervisorMorikawa NatsukiSan
(Language:Japan Japanese / English / Chinese studies)
Stationed in Mie Prefecture, yet she did not exist.、Bright、Manner should be soft、Very cute woman feel familiar.。
Mandarin Oriental TaipeiMr. a、Japan staff, I'm even more、
Staff very discreet I greeted them with for、You can enjoy a pleasant journey。
It is also best hotels from the heart seems to always want to visit!

You guys、Very much、Thank you very much!

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Mandarin Oriental Taipei
Location:158 Dunhua North Road, Taipei 10548, Taiwan (10548-Taipei dunhua North Road 158-go)
TEL:+886 2 2715 6888


Mandarin Oriental Taipei special
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8Regal building, built European-style looks good、Color of the East and the West、An elegant design that combines tradition and modern rooms boast of Taipei's largest。In the staff、Recommended hotels can stay here in the!

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