Most popular as a symbol of the Taipei 101 Taipei 101-story skyscraper


Tourists as a major tourist spot holding I shall seeTaipei 101"。7Over the yearsThe period after、2004At December 31,A ceremony celebrating the open at the entrance are held。Height509.2m in、101 floors above ground、And from the fifth basement level、The name comes from this。The appearance of the high-rise tower、BambooAnd image、Lucky numbers8Of the layerFrom the group consists of。89Floors and floor 91In from the indoor and outdoor observation deck、View overlooking Taipei City, is a popular。Middle floor became an office building、Five floors from B1 floorUntil the lower-layer floorTaipei 101 MallNow、It is possible to enjoy the shopping and gourmet ♪


1 floorThe city square is、Foreign cosmetics brands include Center Watch and accessories store。






B1 floor Grand market


Ding Tai Fung 101 stores impressed at phone

Is filled with tourists this Ding Tai feng also。Latency ticker shows 50 minutes!


Jasons Market Place

"Jasons Market Place"The、Red sign marked "Super city like Summit (Wellcome)"And it is the same group。Jason & # 8217s; sThe assortment、8 percent on imported goods expensive price is a little、、This destination、Perishable goods are fresh and good quality、You can buy with confidence what products。Even in grocery stores、Taiwan's unique food and regionXiaochiCarpe diem、You can buy and taste。Here is、Tourists often visit for、Taiwan souvenir cornerAre useful because they have。Taiwan souvenirs in famous pineapple cake and around the Taiwan products also offer!


Ground about382mOn to the floor observation deck、5 floorThe tickets at ticket counterNT $ 500 (Japan yen and then around 1,950 yen)Buy、Guests can enjoy direct lift ticket counters next to the。Here isB1 floorThe entrance for groups like so、General shopping mall5 floorTo let's go。5Mph is a direct lift from the floor1010m / min.The proud speed、Less37SOf the reach, and rising at a rate。But that opens and closes due to weather、91 floorOfOutdoor gazeboThe、Round boobs and can go around、Taipei 101Of you can feel the wind height and overlooking the cityscape。Right or wrong、Please come enjoy with your own eyes。Now、Next in line、Retro city44 South Village (susananzn)The introduction!

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Taipei 101
Location:Taipei Xinyi Road 5-7 TEL No.:02-8101-8800

Wu Yi Road, Taipei City, 7th

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